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2002 Hummer H1

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2002 Hummer H1

About the 2002 Hummer H1

The Hummer H1 was produced by AM General and General Motors. This distinctive vehicle is known for its basis on the military Humvee and is classified as a civilian off-road vehicle or a sports utility truck, SUT. The Hummer H1 was easily recognized by its large size, powerful off-road capabilities, and eye-catching appearance. However, this vehicle did attract some criticism for being uncomfortable and impractical for regular use. The H1 was simply too big for the average driver to easily maneuver through traffic.

Most H1s are four-door, although there is a two-door pickup truck model. This SUT was produced as either a hard-top or soft-top. The most recent model of H1, the H1 Alpha, was capable of producing 300 horsepower. The Hummer H1 generally came equipped with a diesel engine, although a gas engine was possible with some models. The maximum towing capacity for an H1 is around 7000 pounds. The fuel economy of these vehicles is poor with approximately 12 city miles per gallon. H1s were assembled in Mishawaka, Indiana.

The H1 was released to the public in 1992, although at the time it was known simply as the Hummer. The unique military design caused it to achieve a brief period of popularity among those who could afford to own one. There were few major changes made between 1992 and 2005, but the 2006 H1 Alpha made some significant improvements to the drivetrain design. This model had a five-speed automatic transmission, while previous H1s were four-speed, and was more comfortable to drive than its predecessors. The H1 was discontinued in 2006.

The final version of the H1 was the 2006 H1 Alpha. There were two different body styles produced, the H1 Alpha four-door open top and the H1 Alpha four-door wagon. Both styles came equipped with features, such as keyless entry, a tire inflation system, heated mirrors, and leather seats. The open top model was cheaper and more fuel efficient than the wagon model. The safety features were somewhat limited, as these SUTs did not even contain airbags. The size of these vehicles was expected to be beneficial during a crash.

The Hummer H1 did achieve some recognition and popularity. In 2004, the H1 was named an AAA Dream Car. It was often applauded for having excellent off-road capabilities. Owners of an H1 could expect others to notice their vehicle, since the size and design made it stand out. Unfortunately, the H1 was simply too expensive and impractical for the average consumer. ... View more

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