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2001 Dodge Ram 1500

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2001 Dodge Ram 1500

About the 2001 Dodge Ram 1500

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a full-size pickup truck produced by Chrysler. It is now part of the company's Ram Trucks division, although prior to 2010 it was part of the Dodge division. The comfort and versatility of this truck caused the creation of this separate division under the same name. This well-known truck has gone through many changes in style and design since its production began.

The Dodge Ram 1500 has a towing capacity generally between 5,000 and 10,000 pounds. There are two-door and four-door designs with regular models seating three and crew or quad cab models seating six people. The Ram 1500 is ranked for 13 to 14 city miles per gallon and 19 to 20 highway miles per gallon, and it has a 26 gallon fuel tank. Rams are currently built in both Warren, Michigan and Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

The first Ram trucks appeared in 1981, although the Dodge Ram did not truly gain popularity until its second generation models, which started production in 1994. The Dodge Ram 1500 half-ton truck was the first of the second generation models to appear and was later followed by the larger 2500 and 3500. The Dodge 1500 was easily recognizable with its unique modern design and was quite successful. The third generation Ram 1500 appeared in 2002 with a new frame, interior, and suspension design. The fourth generation began production in 2008 with new features that allowed for higher-quality handling and the option to have a model with a HEMI V8 engine.

The Ram 1500 is available as a four-wheel or rear-wheel drive truck. It is also offered with a V6, V8 FFV, or V8 HEMI engine. These trucks generally have a four- or five-speed automatic transmission. There are quite a few interior options, such as bucket or bench seats, in-floor storage bins, and power lumbar adjusters depending on the trim option and model. The current 2011 trim options include the Laramie Longhorn, Laramie, Sport, Outdoorsman, SLT, and ST. The ST and SLT are the least expensive options, while the Laramie and Laramie Longhorn are the most expensive and include the most features.

The Ram 1500 has received plenty of recognition and awards. The 2010 Ram 1500 won the New England Motor Press Associations Winter Vehicle Award for Best in Class Pickup Truck. This was largely due to its use of interior cargo and storage space. It was also named one of Automobile Magazines All-Stars for the comfortable ride provided by its unique coil-spring rear suspension. In 2009, the Ram 1500 was awarded the Best Large Pickup ranking in Strategic Vision's Total Quality Index. ... View more

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