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2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Van

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About the 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Van

The Dodge Ram Van was a full-sized van and extended van offered by Dodge from the 1970s to the early 2000s. It had a no-nonsense styling that didn't change significantly until 1994 and mirrored the look of the Dodge Ram truck in a van format. This front-engined, rear wheel drive vehicle was a trustworthy and exceptionally dependable option as a work van or a cargo van. Despite its lack of flash, it was a serious workhorse and a respected part of the Dodge Ram line.

Later versions of the Dodge Ram Van kept up the design's reputation for reliability and offered a sometimes surprising amount of power with engine options that included a Magnum 5.2L V8 with 230 hp, a 3.9L V7 with 175 hop, and a 5.9L V8 with 250hp. These engines were paired to a three or four speed automatic transmission, with the three speed as the standard option. Fuel economy was average for a full size van at about 15/16 mpg.

The Dodge Ram Van was introduced in 1979, although it had existed since 1971 as the Dodge Tradesman and Sportsman. The re-branded Dodge Ram Van was offered as a three-door and four-door van. An extended van was also available until the 1990s. Over its lifespan, the body style and construction of the Dodge Ram Van wasn't dramatically changed, although a wide variety of engines were offered throughout the vehicle's lifespan. In 2003, the Dodge Ram Van was discontinued and replaced with the Dodge Sprinter. Later models were assembled in Canada.

Short, regular, and extended Dodge Ram Vans were available throughout the model's history and included the final 2003 model. Trim options mainly changed the size and the weight of the van and included necessary engine changes to handle larger models. As a full size cargo van, the Dodge Ram Van never offered luxury interior features beyond a refined sound system. Later models did manage to provide decent sound isolation, which improved the driving experience significantly.

The Dodge Ram Van's different trims allowed for significant towing and loading with its 3500 model and storage capacity with smaller options. The market gradually moved towards minivans, but the Dodge Ram Van remained as a very trustworthy full size and a competitor for other cargo vans including the Ford E-Series. The Dodge Sprinter carried on in this tradition, providing a much-needed update to the features and styling of the classic Dodge Ram Van ... View more

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