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2002 Dodge Dakota

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2002 Dodge Dakota

About the 2002 Dodge Dakota

The Dodge Dakota is also known as the Ram Dakota. This truck is produced by Chrysler under its Ram Trucks brand. One of the more noticeable aspects of the Dakota is its size; it was built to have the benefits of both full-size and compact trucks. It was the first truck to be classified as mid-size. The design of this truck has allowed it to be used for everything from a personal work truck to an off-road vehicle. The Dodge Dakota was the first smaller pickup to have the option of using a V8 engine.

This four-door truck can seat four to six people depending on the trim level. The Dodge Dakota is relatively powerful. This truck has 210 horsepower as well as the ability to tow up to 7,000 pounds. The Dakota is rated for 14 to 15 city miles per gallon and 18 to 20 highway miles per gallon of fuel, and it includes a 22-gallon fuel tank. This truck was designed to have the handling and fuel economy of smaller vehicles with the power and cargo capacity of larger trucks. The Dakota is assembled in Warren, Michigan.

The first generation Dodge Dakota was released in 1987 and was praised for great performance but criticized for its slow acceleration. These trucks were available with either a Straight-4 or V6 engine. This generation also introduced the Dodge Dakota convertible. In 1997, the second generation Dakota began distribution. These Dakotas were redesigned and looked similar to the larger Dodge Ram, since this was seen as a more modern look. In 2005, the third generation of Dodge Dakotas began, and this is expected to be the final generation for this vehicle as it has been announced that they will end production in 2011. This generation of Dakotas is somewhat larger than previous generations and is only available in club and quad cab configurations.

The Dakota offers a few features and options. All of the trim levels are available as rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles. The current trim levels are the Dakota ST, Big Horn/Lone Star, and Laramie. The ST is the basic model and is only available as an extended cab. The Dakota Laramie is the high-end model and is only available as a crew cab. The Big Horn/Lone Star is available as either a crew or extended cab. Dakotas come standard with a V6 engine, but it is possible to upgrade to a V8.

The Dakota is known for having a comfortable ride and powerful towing capabilities for a mid-size truck. The 2010 Dakota won the Texas Auto Writers Association's Mid-size Truck of Texas". The 2000 Quad Cab Dakota won "Pickup Truck of the Year" from Four Wheeler Magazine. ... View more

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