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1937 Chrysler Royal

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About the 1937 Chrysler Royal

The Chrysler Royal, introduced in 1937, was one of the first entry-level four-door sedans produced by the company. It was a fairly popular car for Chrysler with about 17,000 produced. But the Royal was eventually phased out to make way for the more successful Chrysler Windsor. Nevertheless, the Royal was a notable car and an early indicator of Chrysler's styling.

During its time, the power and dependability of the Chrysler Royal distinguished it from other entry-level front engine sedans. It featured a 4.1 liter straight six engine capable of 116 horsepower at 3600 RPM. This was paired with a three-speed manual transmission. Like most sedans of the time, it was a rear wheel drive vehicle. By modern standards, it was hardly fuel efficient or powerful, but unique styling and a relatively spacious interior are two features of the Chrysler Royal that hold up well over time and make it an interesting collectible car for classic car fans.

The first Chrysler Royal was a four-door sedan with a fairly typical rounded body style. Production continued successfully until 1942 with no new model until 1946, when the Royal had a four year run before being discontinued in 1950. During this time, there were few major changes to the vehicle. It was always intended as an entry-level vehicle and as such, it gained popularity with budget-conscious consumers. All Chrysler Royals were US made. Eventually the Royal name was revived as the name of a trim option on the Chrysler Newport, but this hard top had little in common with earlier Royal models other than its entry-level status.

As with all early Chrysler models, the Royal was light on optional features other than paint. It is truly a classic car both in terms of its draw and its imperfections. Modern drivers will find the Royal difficult to drive and lacking in safety features, but its large, rounded style makes it a visually striking early four-door sedan.

The Chrysler Royal has gradually gained notoriety and respect from car collectors. Johnny Carson and other celebrities have owned Royals, while well-maintained models from the 30s and 40s can fetch high prices at auction. The later Newport trim option that was termed the Royal is the most recent use of the name by Chrysler, paying tribute to its predecessor with a relatively low entry-level price and a luxury interior ... View more

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