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1989 BMW 735i

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About the 1989 BMW 735i

The BMW 7 Series features elegant mid-sized sedans, extra-long sedans, and limousines. As BMW's flagship collection, it showcases new technologies and design themes before they're applied to other BMWs. Since 1977, the five generations of 7 Series cars have raised the bar for luxury car appearance, performance, and comfort. Customers today can enjoy BMW's latest lines and cutting-edge technologies – a hybrid engine, Night Vision, and more – while sporting classic BMW lines and rims.

Assembled in Germany and Mexico, the 7 Series debuted in 1977 with the BMW E23. The E23 set the tone for generations of cars to come: the sedan featured heated seats, power windows, advanced diagnostics, and other options that were high-tech for its time. Housing a smooth-running M30 six-cylinder engine, it even boasted a towing capacity of 3,300 pounds. It was available with automatic and manual transmissions. Other 7 Series followed suit with incremental yet cutting-edge advances. Contemporary 7 Series cars have fuel-efficient lightweight aluminum engines, zero-to-sixty acceleration times of less than five seconds, and even Bluetooth phone systems.

After the flagship BMW E23 generation enjoyed ten years of production, the E32 was released in 1986. It brought a V-12 and later a V-8 to the lineup. For the first time, the sedans were made available with an extra-length option. The well-received E38 generation followed for the 1995 model year. It included not only sedans but also the BMW L7 limousine (a European model) and cars with light armor. When a fourth generation was introduced in 2002, it was met with mixed reviews: the E68 was a laudable venture in hydrogen-powered cars, but the entire E65-E68 collection's iDrive system was widely criticized and the generation had only a brief production time. The fifth generation of BMW Series 7 cars has a more user-friendly iDrive design.

Today's BMW 7 Series cars can be recognized by their sleek lines, elegant yet imposing bodies, and large kidney-shaped grilles. For 2011 the 7 Series is offered in the 740th, 750th, 740Li, 750Li, and 760Li. While Li" indicates an extended body, "750" indicates an all-wheel drive option. Recommended upgrades include the BMW Night Vision system, the Premium Sound System with an iPod connection, and the Cold Weather Package, an option that warms the seats and steering wheel. The cars are especially popular in Black Sapphire and Dark Graphite metallic finishes.

Cars in the BMW 7 Series boast an impressive awards collection. In 2009 it was a top contender for "World Car of the Year", and BMW 7 Series sedans were named "Best Luxury Car" at the UK Fleet News Awards in both 2009 and 2010. Additionally, Series 7 cars won three of the Environmental Transport Association's "Green Car Awards" in 2010. ... View more

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