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Underglow lights turn your car into a rolling light show. Or provide a nighttime lighting accent under your car or in the cabin.

The Ferrari 308 has long been the Italian marque’s affordable model. eBay has 20 of them available for sale.

Paint is permanent. But car wrapping can be removed at any time. And it offers a huge selection of colors and designs.


A 1968 Mustang Fastback with Movie Looks and Modern Conveniences

The 1968 Mustang Fastback for sale on eBay began its life as a coupe. The builders transformed its looks to match the “Eleanor” Mustang.

By Jim Motavalli


Buying a Salvage Car: Is It Worth Considering?

Buying a salvage car could be a way to get a great deal. Here are answers to key questions starting with "What is a salvage car?"

By Jim Motavalli

Power window conversions are easy with a kit. It's finally time to ditch those old-school, manual crank windows.

There's a long list of OBD port uses: reading warning codes, digital cockpits, heads-up displays, and performance tuning.

Completing a power window motor repair is not difficult. Learn what to do when your power windows won't go up.

The 1959 Chevy El Camino for sale on eBay has wild fins and cat’s-eye tail lamps. That's the year, 1959, to keep an eye on.

On Friday, SEMA announced the official winners of its annual Battle of the Builders competition. See photos of the the winners.

We clicked all around SEMA 2020’s online New Product Showcase to find cutting-edge gear. See our top six picks.