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Moto GP: Freestyle Extreme Stunt Show

Motorcycles  /   /  By Derek Mau

Not all the action takes place on the track this weekend at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix taking place in Monterey. If you are watching the Moto GP this weekend, chances are you are 300 feet or more from the track and the riders are about the size of an RC car from that distance.

Get up close and cheer on the stunt team featured at end of the Expo area next to the Yamaha Marketplace. Because the more noise you make, the crazier the stunts. The featured stunt riders are Bill Dixon (Yamaha), Chris McNeil (BMW) and Dan Jackson (Kawasaki).

Bill Dixon - Freestyle Stunt Rider

Bill Dixon has been doing motorcycle stunts since 1999 and is considered a pioneer in the sport of freestyle stunt riding. A three time XDL Champion, Bill is known for doing no-handed circle wheelies and riding backwards. He is also the record holder for the fastest no-handed wheelie at 94 mph set in 2009. Not satisfied with resting on his laurels, Bill wants to set a new record for the stunt riding at 120 mph.

Chris “Teach” McNeil is a 2-time XDL East Coast Champion as well as the 2008 Stuntwars World Champion, he has won or been on the podium in virtually every competition he has entered in the past 7 years. For this weekend’s event, “Teach” will be riding a BMW Motorrad and his BMW S1000RR.

Team No Limit (Jason Britton & Eric Hoenshell)

Location: Yamaha Marketplace

Details: Featured stunt riders are Bill Dixon (Yamaha), Chris McNeil (BMW) and Dan Jackson (Kawasaki). These riders are the ambassadors, driving forces and main reasons behind the rise in popularity and exposure for the sport of freestyle stuntriding in the mainstream.

11:00 am Bill Dixon
12:00 pm Dan Jackson & Team No Limit (Jason Britton & Eric Hoenshell)
4:00 pm Chris “Teach” McNeil

11:00 am Dan Jackson
12:00 pm Bill Dixon
1:00 pm Chris “Teach” NcNeil
2:00 pm Team No Limit (Jason Britton & Eric Hoenshell)
3:00 pm Bill Dixon (on track)
5:30 pm Dan Jackson
6:30 pm Chris “Teach” McNeil

10:45 am Dan Jackson & Team No Limit (Jason Britton & Eric Hoenshell)
12:00 pm Chris “Teach” McNeil
12:35 pm Bill Dixon (on track)
1:45 pm Dan Jackson
3:00 pm Bill Dixon
4:30 pm Group Show

Sportbike Freestyle Q&A Session Schedule (GE Capital Financial Stage – Yamaha Marketplace
Friday – 11:30am
Saturday – 12:30pm
Sunday – 1:00pm

Bill Dixon Yamaha Sportbike Freestyle / Anatomy of a Stunt Bike Seminars
Friday – 1:30 pm
Saturday – 9:30 am
Sunday – 1:15 pm

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