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Carlo Ferrari styled the cute-as-a-bug Italian-built Ferves off-road runabout now on eBay. But he’s not related to that other Ferrari.

The Lambo tractor is not going to set speed records. But it will do a great job of plowing your fields.

Food trucks come in all shapes and sizes. However, you won’t find another one like the extraordinary intergalactic Space Shuttle Cafe.

It’s a pony car, a pickup truck, and a unicorn rolled into one. It's the Ford Mustero and only about 50 were built.

A modding trend from Japan could take hold in America.

VW bugs presented an opportunity for startup coachworks to create new bodies in fiberglass.

Ray’s voyage into the world of extreme automotive customization began in 2015.

The sauna is fully equipped and ready to go.

“There are only a few of these vehicles still existing in the world,” says the seller.

The rear-deck lid features a three-dimensional Han Solo from a pivotal scene in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Pictures of the Stanmobile make for a good guessing game. Which part comes from what car?

The Chemical Guys, a car detailing supply company, sponsored the display of the hand-built steam-engine vehicle.

The Rally Fighter was the first car to take a collaborative open-source approach to auto manufacturing.

The phone’s dial is the accelerator pedal.

The easy flowing lines inspired the Veraneio’s name, which means “summertime” in Portuguese.

It was conceived as a “go-anywhere four-wheel-drive vehicle with excellent potential for recreational and utility use.”

A girder motorcycle front end steers the powerful Corvette body.

The big and bulky forms of the pre-war period were replaced by sleek shapes, highly influenced by jets and rockets.

There are no front doors. Entry to the cabin is through a single door on the passenger side behind the front seats.

The concept has been a non-starter but we may yet enjoy swivel seats in our cars.

A juxtaposition of styles makes this bug-p’up truly unique, from the Baja nose to the mushroom-cap rear window.