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At its peak in the mid-1950s, a fleet of about 2,000 trucks zig-zagged through American suburbs.

The term “landau” dates back to the horse-and-carriage era and was revived in the 1960s. Is it poised for a comeback?

The M1 was the first mass-produced mid-engine car made by BMW.

The vehicle controls—including the throttle and brakes—were mounted on the steering column, allowing drivers to stand.

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, Tesla Motors was an unknown Silicon Valley automotive start-up.

Over the course of three decades, Britain's Super Snipe was repeatedly impacted by American car design.

“I made a vow that I would restore the Elf to its original glory," states the seller.

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Jim Bede wanted planes to be affordable for the masses. He also made a jet-like car.

In 1955, Autobianchi started making Fiat 500s retrofitted with upscale features and sleeker lines.

The roof is cut away starting with the front windows going back. Then, the hearse is decorated in copper and brass.

The BMW 335i owned by the fastest man in the world was tweaked with the M performance kit for maximum horsepower.

Brooks Stevens designed the Willys-Overland Jeepster and Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide. He also popularized "planned obsolescence."

The Citation sold in huge numbers on its initial launch—800,000 in the first year alone. But where are they now?

See articles about choosing the right carrier, hitch, or trailer brakes. Then get inspired by trailers matching the car that pulls them.

Most auto enthusiasts eagerly talk about the potent Shelby Cobra, but fewer know about the mighty Sunbeam Tiger.

What really sets Neoclassical cars apart is the kitchen-sink approach to design.

The current owner acquired Honduran Mahogany and duplicated every single stick of the original car in exact detail.

It was Japan’s first mass-produced mid-engine car—a much-loved small affordable two-seat sports car with a cult-like following.

In the world of coach-built Italian coupes, the Lancia Flaminia GT remains obscure.

The Gunner is a “bobber,” a motorcycle that removes excess bodywork and weight—to create a more thrilling power-to-weight ratio.