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Seller Help

Seller Help is a one-stop-shop for resolving selling issues. It's available to all sellers who have listed or sold an item within the past 120 days.

Requesting assistance

In the Request assistance section, you can submit a request to remove negative or neutral feedback, or a defect on your account. You can also report an issue with a buyer.

To learn more, see our support pages on defects, feedback, report a buyer.

Returns & refunds

You can accept return requests, handle item not received cases, and issue refunds to your buyers.

You can read more about handling eBay Money Back Guarantee cases on our Managing returns and refunds page.

Request status

Keep up to date with your outstanding requests.


See all of your recent policy notifications and get the help you'll need to resolve them.

If you haven't listed or sold anything within the past 120 days, you may be directed to our Help Hub home page instead of Seller Help.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Seller Help on my mobile device?

Yes, Seller Help is available on mobile through the eBay app.

  • On an iOS device, go to My eBay, select Help, then tap Try it now on the Seller Help banner
  • On an Android device, select Help from the menu, then tap Try it now on the Seller Help banner
  • On mobile devices, you can also enter ebay.com/sellerhelp into your browser, or go to Help & Contact, then tap Try it now on the Seller Help banner

If you need it, you can download the eBay mobile app for free.

Can I continue to use Seller Hub or My eBay?

Yes. Seller Help is just a way to manage all your after-sales issues in one convenient location. You can still use Seller Hub or My eBay as before.

What features will you be adding to Seller Help in the future?

Soon, we'll be adding functionality to help sellers manage unpaid items, canceled orders, vacation settings, chargebacks, and more.

If you run into any issues with Seller Help or have suggestions to improve it, please let us know. Just share your input in our survey - opens in new window or tab or visit us on our Community board - opens in new window or tab.

Seller Help is a one-stop-shop for resolving selling issues.

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