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File Exchange

High-volume sellers can upload and manage their inventory in bulk using eBay File Exchange or our Merchant Integration Platform.

File Exchange is for high-volume sellers who need to upload and manage listings in bulk. Using templates, you can create and upload inventory CSV files to add, revise, relist, and end listings. You can also perform post-sales tasks, such as leaving feedback or identifying items that have been paid for or posted.

You can upload the files to eBay in two ways:

  • Interactively from your account page
  • Automatically using scripts

File Exchange processes your data files, runs the actions you requested, and creates a downloadable report of all the actions taken. It usually takes a few hours, though very large files can take longer.

Sign up for File Exchange - opens in new window or tab

After you sign up for File Exchange, download the user guide for more information on how to get started.

Merchant Integration Platform

Sellers who have a stock-keeping unit (SKU) or custom-label-based inventory may prefer to use eBay’s Merchant Integration Platform—another bulk management tool for high-volume sellers.

The service makes it easy to turn your inventory into eBay listings. Just upload a CSV or XML file to list your products, manage your eBay inventory, and fulfill orders.

To subscribe, go to the Merchant Integration Platform - opens in new window or tab page and select Get started.

File Exchange is for you if you’re listing in high volume and need to upload and manage listings in bulk. Create inventory data files and upload them manually or automatically using scripts.

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