VeRO Profile - The Premier League

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The Premier League is the governing body of the Barclays Premier League Competition which is made up of 20 member Clubs. As well as our own intellectual property rights (which appear on many products), we also seek to enforce the rights of the Clubs at their request. 

The Clubs have intellectual properties rights in their trade marks, logos, photographs and images, and the Premier League itself has a registered trade mark in its various logos. Several of the clubs have their own “About Me” pages on which you can learn more about their products and policies.

For the Buyer

It can be difficult for people to tell what products are genuine as counterfeit merchandise can often be of a very high quality. We are therefore keen to ensure that fans wanting to purchase genuine products are not misled.

We take a pro-active stance on protecting our rights and those of our member clubs, which includes carrying out regular sweeps of ebay to ensure that we find and remove any items that we believe are unauthorised.

The Premier League also own the copyright in photographs taken at Premier League matches by licensed photographers. These sometimes appear on ebay as collections on CDs.

The Premier League takes very close control of the copyright in the footage of the matches themselves. This is breached by the selling of access or passwords to streaming sites, decoder cards for satellite services, and PC programmes allowing access to matches. If detected, these items will be removed and followed up.

IP theft is a growing concern for the Premier League and its Clubs. The sale of counterfeit football merchandise persistently infringes the intellectual property rights of the Premier League as a whole, and we work on behalf of each of our member Clubs to protect their rights and our business generally, and to prevent other people using our rights for their own commercial advantage.

We use eBay’s VeRO Program to report infringers to eBay, who then remove the items. We are also able to obtain personal details of repeat infringers.

Unfortunately, there are many infringing items on ebay and it can be a hard task to track them all down as soon as they are placed on the site. The fact that a product is being sold on ebay is no guarantee that it is genuine. We therefore appreciate, and encourage, any assistance from members of the public who wish to report any such items. This can be done by sending an email to

For the Seller

If you are considering re-selling any of our products on ebay, then this is perfectly fine, so long as it is sold on in its original form, without any alterations. However, it is not possible to re-sell any items, without prior consent of the relevant club, that were originally sold outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

If you have had an auction removed, this will be because either ourselves, or one of the relevant clubs, has requested this.

An infringement will occur even when the use of our logo is coupled with a statement by a seller that the items are not genuine. This will be treated in exactly the same way as any other infringement and we will use our best endeavours to ensure the item is removed.