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Cloanto IT srl (herein Cloanto) is the publisher of Amiga Forever, with a web site at, and a developer, owner or licensee of all software code, copyrights, trademarks and patents required to publish an emulation of the Commodore Amiga hardware, complete with operating system files.

Cloanto is also the developer, owner or licensee of hundreds of other items which are protected by copyright, trademark and patent regulations, which are included in Amiga Forever, and which we are obliged by law and by contract to protect.

You are welcome to resell you new or used copies of Amiga Forever on eBay in accordance with eBay rules, with the terms of the software EULA, and with applicable legislation. However, in accordance with applicable laws, with our own policies, and with those of our licensors, you MAY NOT:

  • Use the Amiga Forever or Cloanto trademarks or logos, unless authorized

  • Use graphics or texts from, unless authorized

  • Include unlicensed ROM or operating system files in products other than Amiga Forever

  • Imply that no additional ROM or operating system files are required to run the software contained in your item, when instead the content does not run without such components

  • Induce confusion as to what version you are selling, e.g. offering an Online Edition (a downloadable package) and make it appear as if it were a CD or DVD version

  • Offer an Online Edition or any other version of Amiga Forever in violation with the software EULA

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