Turn Wrapping Paper Into A Fancy Gift Bag In A Few Simple Steps

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Learn how to make gift bags quickly and easily with wrapping paper.

After years of wrapping birthday presents and all those holiday Christmas gifts, I finally discovered a way to make a beautiful gift bag without having to actually buy one!

Instead, you can use your collection of cute wrapping paper and this clever folding tutorial to make your very own, personalized printed gift bags. And if you’re anything like me, you always leave wrapping to the last minute, so this is a total life-saver.

Check out the video instructions below on how to make these cute gift bags from left over wrapping paper — they will definitely make your life so much easier!


You'll never want to buy another bag again after seeing how easy it is to make one yourself. We present you with an easy way to take your gift-wrapping to new heights this year!

Gift-giving is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season — along with the cozy sweater weather, time spent with family, and Christmas cookies, of course.

My family loves planning and plotting to get each other the perfect gifts. Even though we're across the country, there are always plenty of sneaky phone conversations about what my mom, dad, or brother is wishing for.

Of course, once you've procured the perfect gift, you have to have the perfect wrapping job to go along with it, right?

How else are you supposed to get your loved one excited about your stellar gift-giving abilities than with a pretty little parcel that begs to be opened?

But sometimes, you need a good gift bag — especially if you are gifting something like a big fuzzy sweater or a baseball cap.

Now, with this useful wrapping paper hack, I only have to buy a few tubes of wrapping paper to satisfy all of my wrapping needs! It is especially helpful when trying to wrap those oddly-shaped presents.

These adorable DIY bags will absolutely make your loved ones' day.

Gift bags are the perfect workaround, and it’s so useful to know how you can make a simple one with the wrapping paper you probably already have around the house.

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