The Product You Can’t Live Without, Based On Your College Major

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Your college major says a lot about who you are, and while it doesn’t necessarily decide what you do in life, it definitely reveals a lot about your personality and the kinds of products you MUST have.

Creative Writing: Smart Pen And Notebook

Creative Writing majors are notoriously emotive. They have tons of feelings and they like to find ways to express them. How do writing majors express all the feels? They write them down! This smart pen and notebook make your unending stream of consciousness a whole lot easier to keep track of. You have tons of genius ideas, beautiful stories, and even your grocery lists sound poetic. A beautiful smart pen and notebook organizes them all and saves them to any device so you have those precious thoughts in safe-keeping.

Education: Insulated Lunch Bag

As a child you wanted to be the coolest kid in the cafeteria, and for teachers it should be no different! The education major is most likely sick of packing their lunch in a dull brown bag. Now you can be the cool teacher with the cool lunch box, and keep your food cool while doing so.

Astronomy: Constellation Projection Lamp

It’s written in the stars, and astronomy majors are fascinated by them. Revel in the beauty of the constellations in the comfort of your very own home. Astronomy majors can turn off the lights and turn on the starry night sky with this constellation projection lamp every astronomy major simply can’t live without.

Art: Drawing And Painting Kit

Artists have a way of creating something beautiful from nothing. Set your creative expression free with a drawing and painting kit that has so many tools to choose from, you can’t help but feel inspired.

Computer Science: Cool USB Drive

A USB drive is to a computer science major as a heart is to a human. They need them, and there are tons of cool and creative USB drives out there to tickle their techno fancy, like these USB cufflinks! Innovative, tech-y, and stylish, perfect for every computer science major!

Chemistry: Molecule Jewelry

It’s all chemical for chem majors, even for their jewelry. Every chemist has a favorite molecule whether it’s serotonin, dopamine, or any other combination of syllables you can’t pronounce. Molecule jewelry is one way for chem majors to display their love for science and to look stylish and smart while doing so.

Business: Closet Organizer Shelves

Business majors need to look professional, and they need to be organized. Their office jobs require a wardrobe that allows them to climb that corporate ladder and accomplish all of their dreams and aspirations. Save the business major’s work clothes from getting wrinkled and keep their daily garb presentable with convenient closet storage shelves. Your shoes, shirts, skirts, and your boss will thank you!

English: E-Book Reading Tablet (Kindle)

If there’s one thing English majors can’t get enough of, it’s books. As much as they like to think they enjoy the authentic feel of the paper pages against their fingertips, their life changes when they use a kindle. You can access your enormous library of books all in one place, and you can take them with you wherever you’d like without the weight of the world on your shoulders. A lightweight electronic reading tablet is the one product every English major needs.

Photography: Camera Bag

Every photographer’s prized-possession is their camera. Keep the lens of your life safe and sound with a luxurious and sturdy camera bag that allows you to transport your camera easily and capture the moments that matter.

The Product You Can’t Live Without, Based On Your College Major

What you study says a lot about you, now you have the products to match your intellectual interests.