Fun Movie-Themed Costumes for Men

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If you are looking for inspiration for a costume then look to Hollywood and pick out a favorite movie character! 

Sometimes it can be difficult to pick out a costume. So why not dress up as a character you love and everyone will recognize?

Here is a list of easy to find costumes for men based on characters from popular movies and characters through the years.

Ace Ventura Costume

Ace Ventura might be one of the funniest movie characters I can think of. How could you not have a good time if you are wearing a Hawaiian shirt with red striped pants? If you are a funny guy that will be cracking jokes all night then this is the costume for you.

Pirates of the Caribbean Costume

Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean is a fun costume and character to get into. The pirate costume is so obvious that you do not even have to turn your hair into dreadlocks or have a braided goatee. Eyeliner is optional but recommended.

Forrest Gump Costume

Dressing up like Forrest Gump will have people laughing and asking why they did not think of this idea themselves! It is a simple costume. You probably already own or could easily find the clothes for this outfit. You just need a Bubba Gump hat and a beard, unless you can grow a magnificent beard like that yourself -- which would be all the more reason to dress like Forrest Gump!

Indiana Jones Costume

Indiana Jones is one of the smartest and cleverest movie characters ever. This would be perfect for a last minute costume. You probably already have most of this costume in your wardrobe... well, maybe not the whip.

Buddy the Elf Costume

Buddy the Elf is a costume that you could get your money's worth from. You can dress up as the happiest elf from the North Pole at Halloween and at Christmas. Perfect for the man who loves to sing Christmas carols or smile a lot!

Superhero and Supervillain Costumes

What man does not secretly want to be a superhero? There have been a lot of new superhero movies in the past few years, with more to come in the upcoming years. There are so many different superheroes to pick from -- it never gets old. Or maybe dressing up like a supervillain is more your style.

Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars is a classic but always a favorite. There will never be a shortage of Star Wars' fans. Dress up as a Stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or any of the other colorfully dressed characters. Plus with more movies coming out in the future you might get to wear this costume multiple times!

Austin Powers Costume

This is your one opportunity to wear a bright blue suit with ruffles and still be the cool guy in the room. Austin Powers certainly had a colorful wardrobe! If perhaps you don't think you could pull off the Austin Powers look then consider Dr. Evil, especially if you have a shaved head!

Disney Prince Costume

So the prince might not be the star of the Disney movie but that does not make a prince costume any less awesome. Especially if your wife or daughter is dressing up as a Disney princess. This is a way to earn some major brownie points!

Wearing a costume is fun! But dressing up like your favorite character from a popular movie is even better!

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