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I've got a little bit of experience with UGG Australia footwear and buying/selling on ebay. During the last couple of weeks I've been contacted so many times by people asking for help to verify the authenticity of their brand new UGGs. So to help end that, or make it worse, I'd like to throw my two cents out there; this is my guide on spotting real Fall 2008 Deckers UGG Australia footwear.

First thing, if you don't want that doubt nagging you, don't purchase from ebay; it's as simple as that. Go to Macy's or one of the hundreds of other authorized dealers and buy them. If they're sold out of your style/size/color, welcome to holiday UGG season; you're too late and have absolutely no chance in finding them. Start earlier next year.

Stop emailing and phoning Deckers to question them about fake boots- the retailers have a difficult enough time getting through to them this time of year, they can't handle the overload. They will not answer you and will give you the "we can only assist you if your purchase was through an authorized dealer..." spiel.

So you've decided on purchasing on ebay and have found exactly what you want. What to look for: Whats the sellers feedback? Location? Ability to type coherent english? These are all dead give aways to spotting fraudulent sellers; but what do you look for in a seller that passes all those requirements? Return policies, no questions asked return policies. Who would take back fake junk boots? If you're not happy, send them back! Other items for sale, are they selling one pair of super popular boots or tons and tons of one style? UGG imposes strict quotas on their line up, to get the popular stuff you have to get the new/crazy/untested/risky stuff. Look for the sellers with a good mixture of styles for sale...there is no sense in counterfeiting new unproven styles that might not sell. Do authorized retailers sell on ebay? I'm sure some try, but there is no gain in it. The footwear sells itself and is easy enough to sell through in a brick and mortar store.

Lets extrapolate on that last paragraph; location. If the seller isn't in the USA, then they probably don't have Deckers UGGs. They might have wonderful australian made ughs/uggs/ug boot, but they're not Deckers UGGs. All of Deckers UGGs, regardless or origin, pass through their Goleta CA facility and only go to retailers in the USA, so that means the seller should be shipping from a USA location. Where are they made? Most styles come from China, some styles are still manufactured in New Zealand, and it has been a very long time since the last pairs were made in Australia. The only NZ made styles I can think of off the top of my head are the Ultra styles.

There are no factory seconds or defects floating around. I don't know what Deckers does with them, but they sure don't let them out into the wild. It's just utter nonsense, the stuff I'm reading about 'grade b' or 'factory seconds'. If the sellers boot are real, they don't need to be stated as grade a or non defective.

Is this listing descriptive enough and provide photographs of the actual item for sale? The seller shouldn't be afraid to show off what they're selling; ask questions if you have doubts or don't understand the listing. Logo glamour shots are a must.

Well, so far I've carried on about some pretty basic-common sense buying practices that should entail every ebay auction. Lets get to the pictures and my detailed observations! Once I get my lazy behind up to macy's I'll have plenty of pictures!
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