What is a core charge & Why do I have to pay for it??

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In the automotive industry, Their is a term called "Core Charge" or "Core Deposit". This simple word causes headaches for people who have never heard of it before and many times you will get upset to find out that you have to pay more for an auto part then its actual listed price. Well here is the facts about core costs:
        The need for a "Core Charge" or "Core Deposit" arose from recycling & re-manufacturing auto parts. Re-manufacturing an auto part is nothing new, has been around since the automobile was invented. A re-manufactured part by a reputable auto part rebuilder, usually saves you lots of money and you also help the environment from not actually throwing this part in a landfill. If you have ever purchased a battery for your car, truck, or boat, you have probably come across this core charge as batteries are recycled and resold and your old battery has a value. This old battery is called a core and the value is the money that your old battery is worth to the re-builder. If you ever purchase a power steering pump or rack and pinion, You most likely purchased a re manufactured one and you had to turn in your old one so it could be re-manufactured and resold to someone else. Numerous items are still re-manufactured today and for good reason. Fuel injectors for instance and a very easy item to re-manufacture (if you have the expensive cleaning machine, all the new internal parts needed, and of course the know-how) and they save the end user hundreds of dollars. A typical gasoline fuel injector can cost $80-$100 or more easily, If you need all 8 injectors, well that is around $800. A re-manufactured fuel injector can cost only $25-$50, purchasing 8 is half the price and a huge savings. If you need diesel fuel injectors, well then you will almost always purchase re-manufactured as many times new is not even available. Here is a couple of examples that we sell often:

New = $500-$800,   Reman = $200-$400                    New = $400-$600,   Reman = $200-$400                New = $1500-$2500, Reman= $500-$1500                   
  Remanufactured Climate Control Modules                         Re-manufactured Instrument Clusters                                  Diesel Fuel Injector Pump

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