What is Pink Gold?

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Solid Pink Gold has become one of the hottest trends in jewelry lately. But what exactly is pink gold?

Pink or Rose Gold was very popular the early 1900's.  You will see it used in many antique pieces, especially in wedding bands. 

Gold is naturally yellow but its color and karat can be altered by using different alloys. Pure gold is often too soft to be worn everyday so it is mixed with various metals (silver, palladium, copper, nickel, and zinc) to give it stability and durability for wear. The type and percentage of metal alloys in gold are what determine its color.

The gold can also be changed to a light or dark yellow, white, green, red and pink with alloys. For example, to create pink gold, a copper alloy is added to gold. The pink can be made darker or lighter by carefully changing the amount of copper added.

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