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Watches are available in a large variety of sizes. People are sometimes overwhelmed and unsure of which size to buy. Especially online, where you can't try on the watch before purchasing and you cannot see it in person. Unless there is a ruler in the picture of the watch, it's hard to know how big it will actually look on your wrist.

Watch Cases:

Here are some general guidelines of watch sizes to help you narrow down your options. Keep in mind that sizing depends on the style and manufacturer. Some tend to make very petite watches, while others make larger models. All measurements are approximate and are measured by the width of the case.

Women’s Mini: 23mm-25mm.
Women’s Regular: 26mm-29mm
Midsize: 34mm-36mm.
Men’s: 37mm-39mm
Men’s sport: 40mm-42mm.
Mens XL: 45mm

For a frame of reference, take into account that,

A US quarter is 24.26mm in diameter and 1.75 mm thick.
A US Half dollar is 30.61mm in diameter and 2.15 mm thick.

Midsize watches: A midsize watch is a watch that is smaller than a regular men's watch and larger than a regular women's watch. Women who like their watches to be a bit bigger than normal can opt for this size. From our experience, most men find midsize watches to be too small. However, if a man is of a particularly small build, he may prefer this size.

Here is a great trick that can help you when buying a watch online:

Check the watch specifications to see the diameter of the watch (or in the case of a rectangular watch, the height and width of the case), take out a ruler and draw a circle with that watch diameter (or a rectangle for a tank-style watch). Cut out the shape and put it on your wrist. Voila! Imagine the style and you're one step closer to making your decision.

Hint: If the watch measurements are specified in millimeters, and your ruler does not have millimeters, you can simply convert the millimeters to inches by multiplying the millimeters by .03937. For example, if a watch is 20mm wide, just do 20 x .3937=.7874. You can round that off to .8 and draw a circle with a diameter of a little more than 3/4 of an inch. Or, if you'd rather work in cm, you can convert mm to cm by multiplying the millimeters by 0.1. So 20mm will equal to 2 centimeters. If you're not good with math - just type "convert 20mm to inches" into google and they'll do it for you!

Watch Bracelets:

Most ladies watch bracelets come standard at 6.75 to 7 inches. Men's are typically 7.5 to 8 inches. (divers watches are an exception because they are designed for use while wearing a wetsuit.)

If you purchase a watch with a metal bracelet, there is a good chance you will have to have one or more links removed to fit your wrist properly. This is best done when the wearer is present so that the watchmaker can see the shape of your wrist to determine which links to remove. Sometimes it is better to remove a link from the right side of the watch, other times they will opt to remove it from the left side, depending on the size of your wrist and how the watch fits. You may also need to remove only a half link, as opposed to a full link. That is why most companies do not size the watches for you.

We suggest that you take your watch to a reputable local jeweler for sizing. Expect to pay a nominal fee (around $5-$10) for this service. Do not attempt to size your own watch! You may damage or scratch the watch and bracelet. After the links are removed, keep the extra ones! Occasionally, a watch bracelet may break and it is a lot easier (and cheaper) to have the bracelet repaired with your own links than ordering and shipping new ones.

In the case that a watch bracelet is too short (not the usual case), sometimes a full link or half link can be ordered from the manufacturer. Depending on the availability of the watch (if it is new or discontinued) and manufacturer, the prices can range from $25/link to $150/link. If your wrist is larger than most, you should contact the company before purchasing and ask them to measure the bracelet for you to make sure it will fit. If it is too small, and you really like the watch, you can contact the manufacturer to find out if you can order additional links.

We hope this will help you when you are choosing a watch size and/or sizing your watch!

If you need any more help or suggestions, just contact us!


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