Walkers and Rolling Walkers - Types Old and New

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The invention of the walker, whether the wheelless of the wheeled walkers, was a marvelous invention.  While I, as yet, have not had the need to use this device, there are many among our acquaintances who are using them.  They come in a number of different styles.  There are without wheels, those with two wheels, those with four wheels and those with eight wheels.  Many people are not familiar with the eight wheeled wakers, which will be discussed later.  The wheels may be of different sizes.

WITHOUT WHEELS:  This walker requires the person using it to lift the walker to move it forward, step into it and follow the process again.  Sometimes it is not comfortable for the user to go through this process. 

TWO WHEELED WALKER:  This walker has two wheels on the front legs of the walker.  Usually these wheels are stationary, i.e., they do not swivel.  This walkers moves forward easily but does not turn so easily.  To move this walker you simply raise the back legs off the floor and move it forward on its front wheels, then, step back up to the walker.  Turning, especially 180 degrees, requires the picking up of the walker and turning around.

FOUR WHEELED WALKER:  Another great improvement, but, again, the wheels do not always swivel and the walker does not meet the full needs and expectations of the user.  On this model there is a wheel on each leg.   This is a walker that is much more serviceable than the prior models discussed, but another great improvement has been made.

EIGHT WHEELED WALKER:  A new type of walker has now been manufactured.  It is called the Pegasus Walker and there are two models.

PEGASUS #111:  This walker has eight wheels, two on each leg.  The wheels on this model are 4.5" in diameter and wheels on all four legs swivel.  It has a breaking system which simply requires a little downward pressure and it will not move in any direction.  It is more maneuverable than the standard walker.  It comes equipped with a carrying bag for an oxygen supply or other items the user may want to carry and a seat which folds up for walking and then fold down to provide seating anywhere the user may want to sit.  There is an available tray for the walker but it is an extra purchase.  Its weight is only 9 lbs. but it will  support weight to 300 lbs.  All accessories may be folded into the walker for carrying or for storage.

PEGASUS #112:  There is very little difference in models 111 and 112, primarily the size of the wheels and it weight.  The wheels on this model are 8" in diameter.  Both models are more easily moved over rough ground.  This model especially is very capable of being used outside by someone who likes to get outside and enjoy a little nature.  The weight of this walker is 12 lbs and also supports weight to 300 lbs.  This walker has the same standard accessories and feathers as model #111.  There is also an available tray, not include in the initial purchase.




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