Using Wood Smoking Pellets On Your BBQ Grill

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There is nothing like the weekend with your family and friends and your BBQ Grill.  Being outdoors, the fresh air and the smell of good food cooking.

Take an already good meal and make it a great one!
You can easily add that smoked flavor to your favorite grilled/bbq'd foods with wood smoking pellets.

I believe pellets work best with a gas grill.  One of the biggest complaints I hear about gas grills is that they loose flavor compared to cooking with charcoal.  Pellets make it real easy to enhance the taste of all your gas bbq cooking.

They really are easy to use.  There is no need to soak them before use like wood chips.  1/3 cup gives you about a half hour of smoke.  There are about 10 uses per pound.  You get repeatable taste results.

A smoker box may be used, however, they may burn too quickly.  I found the best way to use them is to make a foil pouch with a couple of small holes poked into the top.  Clean up is real easy to, just throw the pouch away (after it cools down).

To make a foil pouch:

  1. Use heavy duty aluminum foil.
  2. Tear off a sheet about 12" X 12".
  3. Fold in half.
  4. On both short sides folder over about 1/2", then fold again. This makes an envelope with one long side open.
  5. Fill with the amount of pellets you need to cook your food. 1/3 cup gives you about 1/2 hour of smoke.
  6. Fold open end over like in step 4. This gives you a sealed pouch full of pellets.
  7. On one side, poke a couple of small holes into pouch.
  8. Before you light your grill, place this pouch, hole side up, below the cooking grids over the lava rock or heat plate.
  9. Light your grill per manufacturers instructions.
  10. Allow grill to heat up. When you see smoke coming out of the holes in the foil pouch or you can smell the wood pellet smoke, start cooking.

What pellets should I use?  DO NOT use heating pellets.  These pellets are for heating only.  You don’t know what is in them and could be very hazardous to your health.  Only use cooking grade pellets.  They are always marked for use in your bbq.

Now this is where the fun begins.  Picking a flavor.  Remember this list is just a guide to get you started.

Strong smoke. Turkey, Chicken, Pork, Beef

Strong smoke. Fish, Chicken, Beef

Strong smoke. Turkey, Chicken, Pork, Everything else

Mild smoke. Chicken, Pork, Beef

Mild smoke. Turkey, Chicken, Pork, Beef

A lighter flavor, use on everything especially Fish

Jack Daniel's®
Offers a strong, sweet smoke with an aromatic tang. Primarily recommended for Beef, Pork, Poultry and Game

Black Walnut
An intense smoke that is slightly bitter like walnuts. Good on red meats like Beef, Pork, Venison and other game meats. Can easily overpower poultry

A mild smoke.  Good on just about everything.  Primarily Beef and Fish

Very mild smoke.  Good on Beef, Pork, Turkey

Don’t be afraid to experiment.  While Apple is my favorite on everything, most new comers may want to start with a familiar flavor such as Hickory or Mesquite.  Once you get a few flavors down, try mixing them together and create different tastes.

Have fun and enjoy!

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