Top 6 Sony Portable AM/FM Radios

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Since the days of the transistor radio in the mid-20th century, the appeal of having a portable way to listen to radio broadcasts has always been out there. Even in the 21st century, in the world of iPods, satellite radio, and all-in-one entertainment centers that fit in one's pocket, there is a niche for the portable AM/FM radio. In this field, no one stands taller than Sony, known for its electronics, appliances, and the perennial Walkman. In the 2000s, Sony still offers buyers a number of portable AM/FM radios that fit into different sets of needs and lifestyles. Knowing what these products are and the fantastic features they offer helps buyers looking for portable AM/FM radios find the one that suits them best.

1 Sony ICF-S10MK2
Sony ICF-S10MK2

A simple, no-frills portable analogue radio, the Sony ICF-S10MK2 is last century's pocket-sized convenience. The unit measures 2.88 inches by 4.75 inches and weighs a scant 7 oz., making it easy to transport in one's pocket. It receives its AM signals via a built-in ferrite bar antenna and its FM signals from a standard telescopic antenna. Using two AA batteries for power, the Sony ICF-S10MK has the ability to run for up to 45 hours per battery charge. It also includes a headphone jack for private listening.


2 Sony ICF-38
Sony ICF-38

Perhaps the most popular Sony portable radio on the market, given its availability, the Sony ICF-38 offers users a larger, yet still-simple solution for listening to AM/FM radio on the go. Utilizing the same simple antennas as the ICF-S10MK2, this portable analogue measures 9.22 inches by 5.25 inches, making it harder to transport in one's pocket, yet still small enough for a bag or large purse. It weighs 1 lb., 14 oz. with its four AA batteries inside and runs for up to 80 hours per charge. This unit also includes a headphone jack.


3 Sony CF-SW7600GR
Sony CF-SW7600GR

Offering more features in a still-compact package, the Sony ICF-SW7600GR is a portable digital radio capable of receiving not only AM/FM signals, but also Single Side Band (SSB) reception, short waves, and long waves. In addition to these signals, the Sony ICF-SW7600GR also includes a digital clock with an alarm, and external plug-in antenna, and 10-key direct access tuning. This final feature allows users to tap into distant stations directly. The LCD screen on the ICF-SW7600GR displays the station as well as the time, and users have the option of tuning up to 100 different stations into the unit's memory. Despite all these added features, this portable radio measures only 7.5 inches by 4.8 inches, weighs only 3 lbs., and requires just four AA batteries for up to 47 hours of runtime.


4 Sony ICF-304
Sony ICF-304

Another small and simple option, the Sony ICF-304 portable analogue radio offers users a 100 mW speaker and mono headphone jack. At 3.4 inches by 6.7 inches and weighing only 13.5 oz., this is an easy-to-transport unit that uses only two AA batteries. The Sony ICF-304 comes in two colors, black and silver, and includes a telescopic antenna.


5 Sony SRF-M37W
Sony SRF-M37W

The epitome of compact, personal, portable radios, the Sony Walkman, which debuted in the late 1970s, represents one of the best ways to take AM/FM radio on the go. In this respect, the Sony SRF-M37W offers users a great set of features. This digital-tuning device offers users AM/FM radio signals along with a weather band for simple entertainment and news. Making use of a headphone cord antenna, this unit receives FM frequencies 87.5-108 MHz, and includes a digital clock and battery meter. The Sony SRF-M37W comes with a belt clip for easy transport and uses one AAA battery for up to 54 hours of runtime.


6 Sony Walkman SRF-59SILVER
Sony Walkman SRF-59SILVER

The Sony Walkman SRF-59SILVER is a simpler version of the SRF-M37W lacking a digital display screen. This analogue portable radio receives just AM and FM signals. It, too, comes with a belt clip and headphones with a cord antenna. This unit needs only one AA battery for up to 100 hours of runtime.


How To Buy

Using eBay to purchase a Sony portable AM/FM radio saves buyers time and hassle since the many sellers on the site offer a variety of options and price points. In fact, there is a large selection of many brands of portable radios on eBay including vintage radios and modern options like MP3 players and other electronics. Though the concept may seem outdated at first, there is still an important role for portable AM/FM radios in the modern age. People like the simplicity and reliability of these entertainment options as well as the lower prices compared to more complex electronics. However, before one purchases a portable radio it helps to know what options from a popular name like Sony represent the top in the industry.

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