Top 6 Book Lights

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Reading books illuminates the mind of the reader in much the same way book lights illuminates books when reading in the dark. Users do not need to let the position of the sun or worry about running up the electric bill just to read a book. They can clip on a book light to their hardback or paperback, and continue the adventure they are on. Finding the right book light can make the difference from a good reading experience or bad. The consumer can pick from the top book lights to find the one that works best with their reading regiment.
1 Zelco Itty Bitty Slim Book Light

The Zelco "Itty Bitty" Slim Book Light is a bit larger than a pen fitting easily in a pocket, briefcase, carry on, and many other types of bags. The book light is 6 3/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches by 1/2 inch, and has a retractable stainless steel clip that allows it fit and fasten securely onto hardback or paperback books. The "Itty Bitty" Slim Book Light has a fully adjustable gooseneck allowing the user to set it where it best works with the book. The one-touch mechanism allows for the simple extension of the gooseneck light. The Zelco "Itty Bitty" Slim Book Light has two super bright cool white lights with 100,000 hours of runtime needing only three AAA batteries that are not included.

2 Beam & Read

The Beam N Read Hands Free Light is a handless light that goes around the neck of the user. The Beam N Read is great for many activities such as knitting, needlework, and reading to list a few. The light has bright LEDs that allows for easy use during the night. Depending on the product there are accessories such as filters, magnifying glass, and A/C or D/C power supplies that attach to the Beam N Read. The book light takes AA batteries, and the device has 100 hours of use before needing to replace them.

3 LightWedge

The LightWedge Original LED Book Light is a piece of plastic with a carrying case that goes on top of the page while reading. With two LED lights built in the LightWedge give plenty of light for the reader, and keeps it on the book not to bother others around the reader. There are two different sizes of the LightWedge for paperback or hardback books allowing the user to pick the best device for the books they read. The book light runs on four AAA batteries, which are not included, and lasts up to 40 hours of read time.

4 I-Sight Over-Ear Book Light

The I-Sight Hands-Free Over-Ear Book Light fits on either the left or right ear keep both hands free and adjustable for people with glasses, hats, helmets, and Bluetooth. The book light comes with two 3v coin cells allowing the I-Sight to last 36 hours. The I-Sight has two light setting with the bright white to illuminate any area the user is in and the green light allowing the user to retain their night vision. The light is also water, heat, and cold resistant.

5 Ultra Optix

The UltraOptix EZ Reader LED Flex-Light Book Light has a flexible neck that lets the user to place the light where they need it to be. The UltraOptix EZ Reader LED Flex-Light Book Light is usable with paperback and hardback books. The book light has a bright LED white light that illuminates the book for easy use. The UltraOptix book light needs three AAA batteries to run the light, and they are not included.

6 Small Gooseneck Reading Light

Many companies use the gooseneck style for their reading lights because of the ability maneuver the light into the best position. Most gooseneck book lights have cool white LED lights allowing bright lights with long lives for the light and batteries; however, many times, batteries are not included. Many of the book lights are compatible with both paperback and hardback books.

How To Buy

Buyers can search for on eBay using the search bar that is located on any eBay page. They can use a broad search such as light or gooseneck and get a large result list they need to sift through. The consumer can narrow down their search by specifying their search like book light or gooseneck book light and get a manageable result list. Readers can get the book light that fits their own needs and understand how to purchase them from eBay. There are no more worries of being in the dark with these top book lights. Keep the lights on for the books and keep them on upstairs any time
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