Top 5 Handheld Metal Detectors

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Whenever people hear the words " metal detectors" they probably think of finding buried treasure on the beach. While many hobbyists certainly use these devices to find lost metal objects like coins and jewelry, mining was the original application for metal detectors. Later on, as the technology improved, different industries from construction to food manufacturing deployed metal detectors in their operations. Manufacturers made the technology better and smaller and thus handheld metal detectors are quite popular today.
People searching for handheld metal detectors want only the best. When searching for such a device, buyers should do their due diligence and learn what they can about metal detectors, in order to find the best on the market. Metal detectors can be found in specialty security shops and catalogs, but those who may not have access to such resources should turn to eBay.

Definition of Metal Detector

A metal detector finds items made of metal that may be hidden or not in plain view. When most people hear the word metal detector, they think of the large, backpack-type device with a long shaft and a round metal disc at the end. A basic metal detector consists of the following parts: the search coil, shaft, control box, and a stabilizer. The search coil, also known as the search head or antenna, is perhaps the most important part of the device, as it identifies metal object. The control box houses the internal circuitry, the microprocessor, batteries, speakers, as well as the controls. The shaft is the part that joins the control box to the search coil, while the stabilizer keeps the device stable as the person moves it along the area. In the case of the handheld metal detector, all the important parts are in one small package and may exclude certain parts, like the long shaft and stabilizer.
Using a metal detector is quite easy. The user turns the device on, holds the handle, and sweeps it along the ground or whatever area he or she wants to explore, such as a wall. The pinpointer models dig for buried items as well. The user must first dig a shallow hole in the ground and stick the probe inside. When the coil detects metal, the device makes a sound, vibrates, or has some sort of visual signal, like a light. The exact way the device finds metal various, depending on the type of technology used by the manufacturer. There are three main types of metal detecting technology: Beat-frequency Oscillation, Pulse Induction, and Very Low Frequency. Each one varies and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Uses of Handheld Metal Detectors

Handheld metal detectors are quite convenient, since they are often small and portable. More often than not, these detectors locate hidden or lost metal objects in a small area. For example, if a person drops a wedding ring or he or she wants to search for any metal objects under the sand or soil. People in construction use these devices to search for metal objects in walls, such as metal framing. If the area to be covered is substantial, then a larger metal detector must be used to first sweep and localize the area before using the handheld detector to pinpoint the exact location of the metal object. These small devices may also be used as a security wand at events like concerts, where large amounts of people gather. These devices can screen people entering other sensitive locations, like city buildings or schools.

Handheld Metal Detectors

Security is serious business, so people who need to purchase handheld metal detectors want to ensure they buy only the best. There are many factors that make a metal detector great and considering various features, the following can be considered as the top handheld metal detectors.
1 Garrett Pro-Pointer

Users on the metal detector reviews website give high praise to the Garrett Pro-Pointer. Although perhaps more famous for its security wands, the Pro-Pointer is perfect for any type of situation, like searching for metal studs in walls or looking for objects in low light conditions using the flashlight. It is waterproof and features a sturdy design. Although one of the more expensive models on the market, those who want the best of the best should choose this metal detector.

2 Bounty Hunter Pinpointer

Users on the Metal Detecting Forum agree that the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer is a great beginner metal detector and a good value for novices. It features an easy-to-use knob control and runs on one 9-volt battery. It gives off both an audio and vibration signal when it detects a piece of metal. Paired with one of the larger Bounty Hunter metal detectors, like the Bounty Hunter Pioneer or Gold Digger, it can find lost object in a large area.

3 White's Bullseye II Pinpointer Metal Detector

The Scottish Detecting Site was "very impressed" with the White's Bullseye II Pinpointer metal detector and highly recommends it. It features both audio and vibration alarms and is waterproof. It has a bright LED light, which is adjustable and a case that can withstand the elements.

4 Vibra Probe 580 Pinpointer

Customer review sites give the Vibra Probe 580 a nearly perfect rating, while members of the TreasureNet forum agree that it gives good value for the price. This was the first pinpointer to feature a vibration indicator. It is waterproof and submersible up to 100 feet; plus, it is sealed airtight so users do not have to worry about dirt or dust getting inside. Its most distinct feature is the tip-only detection, which provides a more precise location of lost objects.

5 DetectorPro Pocket Uniprobe

Unlike the other types of pinpointers, the DetectorPro Uniprobe comes with its own set of headphones, allowing users to hear the audio signal indicators clearly. Not only is this useful in loud, outdoor situations, but as a bonus, the headphones can be used separately as a pair of everyday headphones. Reviewers recommend this particular model for people who want to probe deeper into the ground than regular pinpointers can achieve.

How to Buy Handheld Metal Detectors on eBay

Buying on eBay is quite convenient and finding the right metal detector on eBay is easy with the search engine. The eBay search engine, accessible on any page, works just like any search engine except it searches only for items listed on eBay. To use this, enter the related keywords into the box and hit enter. You can use any word you like, such as " small metal detector" or " Garrett metal detector," or the name of a specific model. The next page shows all the items related to the keywords. You can look through all the listings and click on any item to view its detailed listing page.

Using Advanced Search

Another way to search on the site is through the Advanced Search feature. With this option, you can specify certain parameters before you hit the search button. Enter the keywords into the search box and select any of the options included, such as price range, item location, condition, payment options, and many more.


In the1960s, the usage of metal detectors was prevalent in various industrial applications, including mining. Later on, more sophisticated models arrived on the market and were utilized in various ways. One such type of metal detector that is recognizable is the handheld metal detector. These are smaller metal detectors used in conjunction with larger metal detectors to pinpoint the exact location of a metal object. They are especially appropriate for use in smaller jobs.
When making any purchase, buyers should research carefully so they can find the top handheld metal detectors on the market currently. Whichever one they choose, they should first search on eBay before going anywhere else. With thousands of items listed on the site each day, buyers can surely find the metal detector they want.
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