Top 10 Zero G Beyblades

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Beyblade Zero G is the fourth season in the Metal Saga, bringing a story seven years ahead of the previous season. With it came new bladers, and more importantly, more Beyblades. Since there are a ton of blades to try out in the series, looking at a list of the best blades available can help you choose. By knowing more about the Beyblades in the series, you can carefully plan your purchases to amass an arsenal of battle stadium Beyblades.
Samurai Pegasis

Samurai Pegasis As a fan favorite, the Samurai Pegasis is known for its aggressive attack capabilities and exceptional stamina. The blade system features a Right Rubber Flat performance tip that allows for better grip on the stadium, thus increasing its attacking prowess. The crystal and warrior wheel, and the stone face, all come together to make the blurring blade awesome to look at.

Dark Knight Dragoon

Dark Knight Dragoon One of the most formidable blades in the series, the Dark Knight Dragoon can combine its Zero G metal wheel with another's to create a juggernaut in the stadium. The blade's metal wheel makes the opposing blade spin left when placed on top, making it an effective barrage attacker.

Gladiator Bahamdia

Gladiator Bahamdia The Gladiator Bahamdia is a reliable fighter in the Zero G stadium, featuring great stamina and satisfying attack power. Its stone face and chrome wheel combine to make a menacing Beyblade to fight against. Players can unlock its true potential when combining it with another blade's warrior wheel to create a fighting monster in the stadium.

Pirates Orojya

Pirates Orojya Pirates Orojya has a menacing stone face coupled with a chrome wheel that resembles two serpents made of knots, which adds to the intimidation factor. The overall light weight contributes to its great performance in terms of stamina, balance, and defense, which is a must for players with a defensive playstyle.

Shinobi Salamander

Shinobi Salamander With its metal stone face and the mythical Salamander in the middle, this blade allows players to give their opponents a fearsome contender. Balanced in attack and defense, the Shinobi Salamander can take on all comers. Combined with more attack oriented chrome wheels, the blade can outclass many of its peers in the stadium. It is a fan favorite because of its reliability.

Samurai Ifraid

Samurai Ifraid One of the strongest attack type blades in the series, Samurai Ifraid is a menace to look upon, and even more so in the stadium. Mode and side switching is one of its notable features, and the attack-oriented performance tip makes it even more fearsome. Fans who want their first attack type blade should look into it.

Archer Gryph

Archer Gryph This balanced type Bey is one of the most attractive looking out there, offering exceptional attack and defense capabilities while looking intimidating in the stadium. When combined with another blade, the Archer Gryph becomes even more of a monster in the stadium, offering its prowess to another blade for unlocking the ultimate potential.

Guardian Revizer

Guardian Revizer Another great Beyblade for combining with others from its series, the Guardian Revizer is a durable blade that goes toe to toe with the best of them. With the crystal wheel on the top of the blade, it performs excellently and becomes a mesmerizing blur in the stadium.

Berserker Begirados

Berserker Begirados With a tall form factor, one may think that this blade is an attacker. On the contrary, the Berserker Begirados has great stamina for enhanced defensive capabilities, suitable for long battles where the one with most endurance dominates. The chrome wheel and the stone face combine to make a menacing blur in the stadium that outlasts many.

Bandid Goreim

Bandid Goreim A warrior blade that truly invites discord to the stadium is the Bandid Goreim, with its chrome, camouflage, and emerald green design that inspires fear in other bladers. It has an excellent emerald gem in the bottom portion of the ring that almost seems like it glows.

How to Buy Zero G Beyblades on eBay

As a Beyblade lover, you can start or amass your collection with the many listings on eBay. Get a list of sellers by typing your desired blade in the search bar of any eBay page, and sort it to get a list of the items according to your chosen conditions. After seeing a condensed list of the best blades in the series, you can buy the ones that make your child dominate the school or park stadium. These toys make enjoyable battle weapons, and only the best can help you amass the most wins.
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