Top 10 Rare Beyblades

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At first glance, Beyblades seem like objects of child's play, but in actuality, each unique Beyblade is a representation of something bigger. Featuring a shield of a famous battle and warrior, a design of a rare and beautiful ninja star, and much more, there are a few rare Beyblades that reign over all others due to design, color, and significance, and collectors should be aware of which Beyblades stand above the rest as they shop at retailers or on eBay to build their collections.
Top 10 Rare Beyblades

Wolborg Built by the Demolition Boys themselves, Wolborg is an ice-based cybernetic wolf that belongs to Tala of the Demolition Boys. Tala himself initiated the Novae Rog (Wolborg's G-revolution attack), making himself glow blue or turn yellow as he unleashed a wave of cold that reveals Wolborg's true form.


Libra The face of the Beyblade Libra depicts the astrological sign "Libra" of Zodiac descent. The face bolt also bears a resemblance of the Libra star constellation itself, which makes it a unique and symbolic feature. Representing the scales, Libra has small intrusions that allow little recoil, making it a great choice for Defense battlers.

Burn Phoenix

Burn Phoenix A fiery phoenix lays in the center of the face bolt on the Burn Phoenix Beyblade, threatening any challengers with its wings spread wide. With amazing centrifugal force, you can spin your Burn Phoenix with amazing speed, accuracy, and strength when your attacker makes a move.

Gravity Perseus

Gravity Perseus As one of the 88 constellations in our galaxy, the Gravity Perseus depicts Perseus on its faceplate. In Greek language, Perseus means hero, and in Greek mythology, Perseus was a hero who slayed the evil Gorgon Medusa and saved a princess from a sea monster. For those seeking the power and strength of Perseus in battle, the Gravity Perseus is a Beyblade that possesses this quality.

Thermal Lacerta

Thermal Lacerta The Thermal Lacerta Beyblade depicts the constellation Lacerta on its face, with Lacerta meaning "lizard" in Latin. It is also a genus of desert lizards, having more than 40 different types of lizards in its species.

Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang Pegasus Big Bang Pegasus is a Super Control Beyblade, meaning that it uses infrared technology to control its movement. Just like its normal variant, Big Bang Pegasus contains the same parts, though it features a different face, as a translucent plate sits at the location of the infrared signal.

Beat Lynx

Beat Lynx As a balance-type Beyblade that appears in the anime and manga series, the Beat Lynx's main feature consists of the ability to interchange between three different heights. With this advantage, the Beat Lynx Beyblade is able to attack other Beyblades from the top, underneath, or straight into the gut.

Galaxy Pegasus

Galaxy Pegasus A Pegasus soars over the face over the Galaxy Pegasus Beyblade with great grace and mysterious beauty. The galaxy Pegasus represents the magical winged horse that soars through the heavens of the Greek Gods, and the design of this Beyblade is the same as with the Storm Pegasus, though with a few modifications that only make it stronger in battle.

Flash Leopard

Flash Leopard is a black leopard Bit-Beast that belongs to the owner Ozuma, the leader of the Saint Shields. The Flash Leopard Beyblade just so happens to be one of the strongest Bit-Beasts in the Beyblade anime series, with the legendary Ozuma receiving Flash Leopard due to his superior Beyblading skills.


Driger first made an appearance in a Beyblade match with his owner Ray Kon against Tyson. Driger displays great courage, power, and versatility, using swift attacks and pure intelligence during battle. To save the life of his master, Driger sacrifices himself and saves Ry, winning the match with a powerful Tiger Claw Attack.

How to Buy Rare Beyblades on eBay

Though Beyblades have been a popular form of children's gameplay for years, some Beyblades themselves are rare items that collectors trade, sell, and purchase over time. If you are interested in purchasing one yourself, visit eBay and enter the name of the Beyblade of your choice into the search field located on every eBay page. Remember to read the product description thoroughly and email the seller with any questions that you might have before finalizing your purchase. Beyblades like Driger, Big Bang Pegasus, and Thermal Lacerta are among the rarest in the series, so find your very own rare Beyblade to either preserve it or unleash its power in battle.
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