Top 10 MP3 Players

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The invention of the MP3 player changed the way many people listen to and share music. Since their introduction in 1994, various electronic companies began making MP3 players to keep up with consumer demand. Whether an MP3 player holds just 100 songs or an entire music library, the portability and ease of use is what makes it so popular. With all the different models of MP3 players available, consumers may find it hard to choose which one is the best for their needs. Researching and reviewing the different models available can help consumers make an educated decision on their purchase of a MP3 player. After finding the right MP3 player, all the consumer needs to do is download their music to the device, plug in a pair of earphones, and hit play
1 Apple iPod Touch Fifth Generation

The Apple iPod Touch fifth generation came onto the market in October 2012. This MP3 device not only plays downloaded music, but it also is similar to a Apple iPhone without the calling features. The Apple iPod Touch comes in 32 GB and 64 GB capacities, which is enough to hold several hundred songs and apps available in the iTunes store. The iPod Touch also includes the ability to take pictures and video. Color choices for the Apple iPod Touch include white and black. On a full charge, the iPod Touch lasts at a minimum of 40 hours. CNET reviews rate this device as the best iPod due to its versatility and its ability to act like a small tablet.

2 Apple iPod Nano Seventh Generation

The Apple iPod Nano seventh generation is a small MP3 player that holds 16 GB of music. Unlike the bells and whistles that come on the iPod Touch, the Nano is a little simpler. Songs upload through the iTunes interface to the Nano, and consumers may create playlists and groups for easy access to their favorite music. The iPod Nano has a battery life of 30 hours on a full charge and ca connect to wireless headphones via Bluetooth. CNET reviews of the iPod Nano indicate that this device is compact and is also gym-friendly for those looking to workout with music.

3 Apple iPod Shuffle

The Apple iPod Shuffle is the smallest of MP3 players made by Apple. The size of the Shuffle is comparable to the size of a silver dollar coin. It holds 2 GB of music, which equates to about 195to 200 songs. The Shuffle comes in a variety of colors, including green, blue, purple, red, and black. On a full charge, the battery on the Shuffle lasts approximately 15 hours. The Shuffle has a dial interface with a play button, pause button, and rewind button. Standard earbuds or headphones can connect through the standard audio jack. CNET reviews of the Shuffle indicate the built-in clip is sturdy and allows the consumer to easily clip the Shuffle to clothing or backpacks so that it stays securely in place.

4 SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip

The Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip is a lightweight, portable MP3 player with a capacity of 4 GB or 8 GB depending on the model chosen. This MP3 player plays music, audiobooks, Rhapsody subscription music service, FM music stations, and has the ability to record voice memos. The device has a color screen and comes in seven different exterior colors. CNET reviews of the SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip indicate it makes a good MP3 player for the gym and it is worth the value of its cost.


5 Samsung Galaxy Player

The Samsung Galaxy Player is an MP3 player with a large 5-inch touch screen and many of the same features that are available on a Samsung Android phone, except for the ability to make phone calls. Consumers may download apps from the Android Marketplace to the device througha Wi-Fi connection. Google Talk and Gmail are pre-loaded on the Galaxy Player. This device has an 60-hour battery life on a full charge and can hold 8 GB of music or apps. CNET reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Player indicate it is a strong competitor against the Apple iPod Touch as far as some of the features that come with the device.

6 Sony Walkman

Although the Walkman brand was synonymous over the late 1980s to early 1990s with a cassette-based device, Sony revamped and recreated the Walkman into an MP3 player. The Sony Walkman MP3 player comes in 32 GB and 16 GB capacity. The rechargeable lithium-ion batterypowers the device and stays charged for up to 30 hours of music playback. The device includes a3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, which allows consumers to also view videos. Consumers may also download apps in the Android Marketplace through a Wi-Fi connection. Reviews by CNET indicate the Sony Walkman has a sharp and slim profile.

7 Philips GoGear Connect

The Philips GoGear Connect is an MP3 player with 16 GB of capacity and 25 hours of battery life on a full charge. The software for the Philips GoGear Connect is Android-based, which means consumers can connect the MP3 player to the Android Marketplace and download music, apps, and more. The 3.2-inch touchscreen allows the consumer to quickly swipe and select the music or app they wish to play. This device comes with a mini jack, Micro-USB, and pinhole mic. CNET reviews for the Philips GoGear Connect indicate the device is relatively inexpensive for the features it includes.

8 SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ MP3

The SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ MP3 is an MP3 and radio player. In addition, this device is capable of playing videos and FM radio, storing photos, running podcasts and a Rhapsody music subscription service, and completing voice recording tasks. The SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ MP3 comes with a 2.4-inch color touchscreen and a battery life of 24 hours on a full charge. This device also comes in three capacity sizes: 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB. The micro-USB connection allows this device to connect to both PCs and Macs. Reviews of this device on CNET indicate it is highly affordable and has a nice variety in capacity for music.

9 Zune HD

The Zune HD is a 32 GB-capacity MP3 player with a battery life of 33 hours on a full charge. It includes a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a large home button, and controls along the side of the device for easy access to the Zune's playback features. The Zune HD connects wirelessly through Wi-Fi to the Internet to access the Microsoft Marketplace, where consumers can purchase audiobooks, music, and applications. This device also plays videos, pictures, and the radio. CNET reviews of the Zune HD indicate that its ability to provide the consumer with an integrated movie rental and music subscription feature make it a top competitor against other MP3 players.

10 Samsung Muse

The Samsung Muse is a small MP3 player designed for use with Samsung-brand phones. The Muse can connect to a computer to download music as well. Syncing the Muse to either a Samsung phone or computer is possible through a micro-USB cord. The Samsung Muse holds 4 GB of music files and the device is as small as a wristwatch. CNET reviews of the Samsung Muse indicate it is a relatively small device with good syncing capability.


How to Buy an MP3 Player on eBay

Buying an MP3 player on eBay is easy and convenient. Begin your search for an MP3 player by entering in the words "MP3 player" in the search box on any eBay page. Narrow your results by brand, capacity, battery life, features, or price. If you find an MP3 player that interests you, read the seller's description of the device to make sure it includes all of the features you are looking for. If the MP3 player is used, do not be afraid to contact the seller to ask specific questions about the MP3 player’s condition and if it includes the right cables and cords to connect to the computer. To save money on your MP3 player purchase, look for sellers who offer free shipping.


Even with all the choices available in the models of MP3 players, there is a device that is right for each person. If music playback is the only thing the consumer needs, choosing a device without a touchscreen and Wi-Fi capability is the best bet. For those consumers who want to have access to the apps that many of smartphones use, MP3 players with the ability to download and play apps are the right choice. MP3 players do require some maintenance, such as cleaning off old content that eats up valuable capacity.
Consumers who have the chance to update their MP3 player's operating system should take advantage of this option and back up any music, video, or apps on the player just in case data is lost during the update. Choosing the proper MP3 player for you and maintaining it well can bring years of satisfaction while listening to your music library on the go.
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