Top 10 Cigar Cutters

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There is more to smoking a cigar than you might suppose. The smoker first decides on cigar type, each containing unique flavors and differing strengths of tobacco to suit different palates. Next comes the decision about how to cut the end off the cigar for a comfortable smoke. If the slice is too big, smokers get tobacco in their mouth, and if it is too small, the smoke is not satisfying. The key to a good cut is a sharp blade that does not tear the wrapper. The size of the cut is personal preference, learned with time and experience.
Top 10 Cigar Cutters
Cigar Knife

Cigar Knife A single straight cut made where the cap meets the wrapper is what cigar aficionados most recommend. Doing this with the sharp blade of a cigar knife takes practice and a steady hand. If the cut is not clean, the wrapper gets torn, which allows tobacco to fall out. Not only is this a waste, but the smoker may end up with a mouthful of tobacco.

Single Blade Guillotine

Single Blade Guillotine Single blade guillotines use a swift chopping action that minimizes the likelihood of tearing the wrapper. Correct positioning of the guillotine, with the blade just touching the side of the cigar, greatly facilitates a clean cut. A poor cut can tear the wrapper, which may cause uneven burning of the tobacco.

Double Blade Guillotine

Double Blade Guillotine As the name suggests, this device has not one but two blades. The blades press in from either side, simultaneously cutting the cigar for an even cleaner cut than single blade cutters. Double blade guillotines come in a variety of designs that fit readily in the jacket pocket.

V-cut Cigar Cutters

V-cut Cigar Cutters Superficially, a V-cut cutter looks like a regular guillotine cutter, but the blade differs in shape. Whereas a guillotine makes a straight cut, the V-cut takes a deep V-shaped wedge from the end cap of the cigar. These cutters are best for fat cigars, when the smoker prefers full-on flavor.

Scissor Cutter

Scissor Cutter A scissor cutter has a lot in common with a cigar knife, except for the obvious difference of having two blades instead of one. A traditional scissor cutter is once again a reminder of past times when an object's style mattered almost as much as its functionality. Indeed, if your taste is for vintage items, why not seek out a pair of vintage scissor cutters?

A Cigar Punch

A Cigar Punch In terms of cut size, a cigar punch is at the opposite end of the spectrum to a V-cutter. Most cigar punches are small enough to fit on a keychain, and the end of the punch unscrews to expose a circular blade. With the cigar snug in the cutter, the blade activates to remove a small plug of the cap.

Table Top Cigar Cutters

Table Top Cigar Cutters For the serious cigar smoker, there is the option of a table top cutter. These heavy-duty cutters often come with a range of hole sizes built in to suit different size cigars. For the smoker who likes to be different, there are vintage or even antique table top cutters available.

Antique Cigar Cutters

Antique Cigar Cutters There are beautiful examples of antique cigar cutters that feature craftsmanship from a bygone age. Indeed, the appeal of antique cutters is that they are quirky and unusual. Whether you are a collector, appreciate the patina of age, or love the feel of an object held by many hands in the past, possessing an antique object of this type is a great thrill.

Sterling Silver Cigar Cutter

Sterling Silver Cigar Cutter Sterling silver is a durable metal, and these cutters are functional as well as attractive. For a collector's item with the durability of silver and the practicality of a cutter, a sterling silver cutter is hard to beat. The silver develops a unique patina with age, which makes it distinct to the individual user.

14K Gold Cigar Cutter

14K Gold Cigar Cutter And finally, the last word goes to the ultimate in luxury accessories, a 14K gold cigar cutter. As well as being a precious metal, many gold cigar cutters are also antiques. Many of these delightful items are unique examples of beautiful craftsmanship.

How to Buy Cigar Cutters on eBay

If you are looking for your next cigar cutter, there is a wide selection available on eBay. Start by entering "cigar cutter" in the search box on any page. This brings up a listing of all items matching that description. If the choice is too wide, you can narrow it by selecting from category links. Decide on the cutter that best suits your needs and have fun finding your ideal product. With cutters ranging from pocketable function to desktop decadence, you are not going to be short of choices.
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