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When you really really want a Moncler jacket...

The reason I write this guide is because there is a overload of Moncler jackets on Ebay. Moncler is getting more and more popular these days. They are the TOP branch winterjackets seller. Their stocks are increasing every fall/winter.  The Moncler prices are upgraded by 5% yearly. My guess is that the popularity of Moncler will stay another couple years and they it will become a Rich Classe brand as LV.
So how to find a good Moncler jacket on Ebay?

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So many fakes!

On Ebay alone there is at least 60-70%  fake. Many times I want to press the report button, but I know Ebay does not do anything about it. So I am quite alone in my battle.
Never buy an fake,  captures like 1:1 quality DOES NOT EXIST. The fit is always different. 

Never buy from.....

1. It was a gift, I dont know if its real or fake (99% in this case is FAKE).
2. Multi-seller with cheap jackets.  I have seen a lot of multi-sellers selling NEW Moncler jackets asking whichever size you want. 100% it comes from East Asia & fake! Especially somebody who is using LIQUIDATION in his/her advertisement.
3. Not self made pictures. Every serious seller, will make his own pictures. If you do not trust the picture, use GOOGLE images REVERSE, to check if the picture are really his. Confront him with these picture. A lot of my pictures get stolen, so give them a chance to explain (let them make some more pictures with the same background).
4. Wholesalers. I am sure that I am one of the biggest Moncler sellers on the web. Been in this scene for a couple years and tried to get my way into this, BUT THERE ARE NO WHOLESALERS for Moncler. The only way to get Moncler is DIRECTLY from Moncler Milan. They only sell directly to stores!


Moncler are expensive....The most sold mens jacket Maya cost $999 two winters ago. Now its $1.150. Especially in small sizes its impossible to get (even if you pay full price). 
If your budget is around $500, you can look for a good pre-owned jacket in great condition. Its hard to get a winterjacket NEW. Every seller with an authentic jacket, just have to google and they know the worth of the jacket.  Every seller wants the max profit, so why should they accept a low offer?
There is really nothing wrong with pre-owned jackets. Everybody rides in a pre-owned car right? 


Always ask the seller for some measurements (if you are not sure the model will fit you). Moncler is using numbers van 00(XXS)->7(XXXL) for men and 00->5 for women as their size. When you are a mens Maya size 2, it does not mean that you are all 2 in mens jacket. I am a size 1, but there are some size 2's that I can barely fit. It really depends on the model and year. From 2014 the sizes are all smalled down a little.
So size 3 is not a L anymore, but more like a M.
The best way is still try on the exact same style in store. This is the only guarantee you will get the right size.
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When you are buying from the internet, there is always are part where you have to trust you seller. Incase you dont, please dont buy it. When a buyer ask me a lot of things, I can sense if there is trust. Incase there is no trust, I wont sell to them. My items are 100% authentic. If you are not happy with them, I wont be happy to. So incase you doubt about the authenticity and my sincerity, I rather not sell to you.
I think all the authentic Moncler sellers have the same opinion. We are not here to make a quick buck, thats impossible in this market. We should be happy with 20% margin. So why should we (as sellers) take a risk with you?

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