The best hard drive for video surveillance recording

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                The best hard drive for video surveillance recording

When it comes to digital video recorders, network video recorders or custom built servers for video surveillance recording, your choice of hard drives can make or break you. In past years many DVR manufacturers out there have experience hard drive failures in the field short term, which put a black eye on the manufacturers reputation.

Most of us here know that a hard drive in a cctv digital recorder or nvr continually writes to itself 24/7/365. The average hard drive you buy at a big box store is not made for video surveillance recording duty. Yes you can buy one of these hard drives (and you will because everybody is usually blinded by low price in this industry and they convince themselves the quality is good.)

I have found one of the best hard drives on the market for DVR's, NVR's and servers. It is the Western Digital WD AV-GP model. This drive is designed to server up and record multiple streams of video 24/7. Yes even HD video too.

WD's surveillance drives enable digital video surveillance systems to deliver a comprehensive range of features and capabilities such as high resolution image quality, streaming video from multiple cameras, video archiving with ultra-fast data access and on-demand video playback.
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