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This book gives an historical background to the use of the Numeral obliterator as a canceller of the stamps of Victoria.

It covers the period 1850 to 1917, detailing all of the numerals used.  These were, initially, the Butterflies, then the Barred Ovals, and finally the Daddy of them all - the Barred Numeral.

All towns of Victoria, which in the 19th Century saw fabulous growth following the discovery of gold in the Colony, are listed with each numeral that was used by them. Ratings as to scarcity and rarity are given for all numerals, together with photographs of many of the different types/styles of obliterator, and the post offices in which they were used.

In all, some 420 pages, and weighing over 2 kilos. I was co-author with philatelist Geoff T White of this work which was published by The Royal PhilatelicSociety of Victoria Inc. in the year 2000.

Hugh H Freeman.

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