Specifying Multiple Shipping Addresses in PayPal

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We often get requests from our customers to ship items to addresses that are different from the ones stored in their PayPal account.

Actually, PayPal allows you to store multiple shipping addresses. Simply click on the change shipping address link when you check out, you can specify the different shipping addresses there while keeping your Primary Shipping Address unchanged.

There are many advantages doing it this way. One is that this is more secure than specifying the address via other means.  With Internet fraud occuring so often, anything that can help on security is good. The second reason for PacificDVDs specifically is automation. We use a highly automated system for order processing. With the shipping address specified in PayPal, the moment you click on the pay button, the order automatically gets transmitted to one of our warehouses closest to you, based on the ZIP code. There is no manual processing step at all. This way, you can get your item much faster :-).

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