Size guide bracelets kids/adults - Get the gift right!

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Size Guide for bracelets kids & adults - Get the gift right every time!

- by Angel's Jewels - Personalised jewellery for adults and children

It's not always easy to find the right gift for a special occasion. Nothing worse than getting the size wrong and having to return a special gift item. This size guide will help you order the right size, even if your special someone is not around to be measured. 

Sizes are always approximate. To ensure accurate fit for your bracelet, measure the wrist with a soft tape measure at the bone and add 1 to 1¼ inches to adult bracelets and ½ to ¾ inches to children’s bracelets. Consider how tight or loose fitting you want your bracelet to be.   

Here is a list of of approximate sizes for adults and children/infants:

Newborn                              4 inches                                 

3-6 month                            4.5 inches                             

7-12 months                        4.75 inches                           

12-24 months                      5 inches                                

2 years                                5.25 inches

3 years                                5.5 inches

4-5 years                             5.75 inches

6-7 years                             6 inches

8-9 years                             6.25 inches

10-11 years                         6.5 inches

12-13 years                         6.75 inches

14+                                     7 inches

Adult Petite                        7 inches

Adult Average                    7.5 inches

Adult Large                        8 inches

Adult Extra Large              8.5 inches  

We hope this will help you get those special gifts right every single time.    

Please see our store for more unique gift ideas for adults and children/infants. All items are handmade and personalised to your requirements and design choice.

Happy shopping @ Angel's Jewels ;-)


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