Selecting the right Costa Del Mar lens

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Silver Mirror (Copper Base):
Encapsulated mirrors optimize light transmission and enhance colors. Perfect for freshwater sight fishing or any outdoor activity with variable light.
Available in 580 only.


Blue Mirror (Gray Base):
Made for the open water. Encapsulated mirrors deliver maximum contrast and color in full sun while eliminating glare.
Available in 400 and 580.


Green Mirror (Amber Base in 400 and Copper base in 580):
Encapsulated mirrors offer enhanced visual acuity for fishing inshore, flats, rivers and streams.
Available in 400 and 580.


Perfect all-around choice for sports on water and land. Maintains color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun conditions.
Available in 400 and 580.


Excellent all-around lens that delivers the brightest field of vision. Great choice for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities whre high contrast is needed.
Available in 400 only.


Made for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities. Cuts glare and enhances contrast and color, providing eye comfort in any conditions.
Available in 580 only.

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