Scrap Computer Disposal Service Available FREE PICKUP!

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Disposal of your computers and curcuit board scrap.  Who What When Where and Why!


WHO:   Any person or company who is looking to dispose of whole personal computer towers, servers and main frame computers.   Anyone that is accumulating clean or uncleaned "populated" scrap computer curcuit boards in quantities of 500 lbs or more located with in 150 miles of Jackson, Michigan.

WHAT:  Whole Personal Computer Towers, Servers and Main Frame Computers.  (No Monitors or Keyboards)  All scrap curcuit boards removed from computers, motherboards, memory sticks, cards ect.  Curcuit boards that are "Clean" have had all oil filled capacitors removed, plus all screws and steel brackets removed and all aluminum heat sinks removed.  "Uncleaned" boards have all of the above still attached.  "Populated" boards are defined as having no components removed except the above, retaining all ic empron cpu chips resistors finger boards ect.  

WHEN:  We will consider quantities of less than 500 lbs on a distance and cost basis all others with 500+ lbs can be processed anytime and on a continuous basis.

WHERE:  We utilize our own free pickup service so you don't waste money on shipping and we service an area of 150 mile radius of Jackson, Michigan.  All loads of curcuit boards are checked, sorted and weighed at your site.  Loads of personal computers, servers and main frame computers are not weighed and picked up on a per piece basis.

WHY:  What used to be an expensive disposal cost/problem now becomes an easy new revenue stream for you and or your company.  We utilize a proven envirmentally friendly method of disposal/destuction.  We provide a fast friendly service with immediate settlement.  We are also a long time Ebay Powerseller in good standing.  This guide is in full compliance with ebays policies and no personal contact information is included in this guide, for further additional information you can contact us thru the ebay link "ask seller a question" in any one of our listings in our ebay store Discount Vintage and Retro Jewelry  OUR STORE < by clicking on this live link

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