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One can sell quality items fully tested or brand new doesn't matter the negative FEEDBACK shall find its way to you ! FLEABAY is here to protect sellers with their  RECOMMENDED PRACTICES and hints on how to be a POWER SELLER......BALONEY at best! I have been here selling for a few years and buying as well. I avoid leaving NEGATIVE FEEDBACK unless it is fully warrented.  Sellers are human and humans do make mistakes , especially when doing write ups for listings but, the VULTURES read every line looking for an opening to either complane about or to leave NEGATIVE FEEDBACK if these soulless children aren't pacified. Just receantly I had an error in a listing and received NEGATIVE FEEDBACK even after writing and calling the buyer personally offering an apology and a FULL REFUND along with PAYING SHIPPING BOTH WAYS! You guessed it!  NOT ENOUGH ! 

FLEABAY is the culprit make no mistake about it. You can allow them to read your email conversations written there in black and white showing that you offered a full refund and shipping both ways to the customer but, it matters NOT !!!! The seller is WRONG! Now please explain to this one after offering a 100% refund in an email then calling and offering them the very same thing that was written 100% refund and shipping both ways why should anyone deserve NEGATIVE FEEDBACK?

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