Rock tumblers

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Rock tumbling and jewelry making are a fun hobby providing you have a decent tumbler.My son wanted to start doing it and started collecting stones from here and there(some we bought and some he found).Well the next logical thing to do was buy a tumbler so we bought two of the Chicago Electric (they are the red with 1 or 2 black rubber drums) one was a 2 drum(6 lb cap.) and one was a single drum (3 lb.cap.)and let me tell ya those things are cheap junk.niehter one has made a complete cycle without breaking down. It takes about 4 weeks to get finished stones. 1 week for each step in the polishing process and we are running 4 steps)

 We got the tumbler from Ebay and set it up and started tumbling stones,well the first thing the little O-ring belts will break in hurry so if you get one of these type you need to buy atleast 5 of these little belts cost on ebay over $1.00 each plus shipping. Then when ya think you have that problem covered buy purchasing the spare belts there is a small electric motor with a plastic drive wheel on it.that will break or melt so that it won`t work..Dont know how much it costs haven`t found one yet..Probably won`t look either.I won`t buy any that have this same type drive system.I have seen some that have this style drum drive and won`t buy those either.

If you want to break your kids heart get one of these models kids already are a little short on patience so they are doing good to wait a week to see each stage completed. Take them out in the garage and look to see a broken belt or a melted fan/drive wheel and it`ll turn tham off about rock tumbling in a hurry.

 I won`t ever buy one of these again and hope this review helps you decide on a better built rock tumbler. I am thinking about building one myself because you can spen alot money on these toget something that won`t run over 2 weeks without breaking down...

I hope you find this review helpful and I am only speaking about tumblers I have first hand knowledge and personal experience of..


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