Ridgid 300 vs Sdt 300 Power Pipe Threading Machine

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This guide is designed to compare the similarities and differences between the Ridgid 300 Pipe threading machine and Steel Dragon Tools - 300  power pipe threading machines.

 We bought a brand new Ridgid 300 pipe threading machine and set it up next to a brand new Steel Dragon Tools -300 pipe threading machine.  All of the internal and external parts are interchangable to our Ridgid 300 machine including the 811a die head, 360 cutter, 341 reamer, foot petal, stand, and all dies.  Both machines have reversable 1500 watt powerful motors that can last for years in the field.  Plenty of power to thread 2 inch pipe.  The colors are slightly different (yellow and black) verses (orange and silver), and the casting is smoother and finely polished on the Ridgid machine.    The SDT-300 body is slightly different from the Ridgid.  It has a flat top instead of a rounded top, but both are made of aluminum. 

The machines both performed very well cutting, threading and reaming 1/2"-2" black pipe.  Both motors were 40 rpm and we noticed no real differences between the quality of the threads produced by either machine.

We like the price the most for the SDT-300.  It costs $1699.98 free shipping and the Ridgid is $3500 plus shipping.  For the price difference the SDT-300 is a better bang for your buck. We also like the fact that Ridgid 300 parts are interchangable with the SDT-300.  All parts are available for the SDT-300 so rebuilding a Ridgid 300 Machine with Steel Dragon Tools parts is very affordable.   

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