Put Those Mason Jar Lids To Good Use With This Creative DIY Photo Magnet Project

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Turn your extra mason jar seals and lids into chalkboard and photo magnets with this easy DIY project.

Project requirements
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Gather your supplies.

After shuffling through some of my photos, I picked out ones that brought back some really fun memories from the past few years: my niece playing on her new backyard swing set, a photo of my brother and me at our best friend's wedding, and an the adorable photo of my nephew riding a carousel at the zoo with "Papa" (his cute name for grandpa.)


Trace the outside of the mason jar lid.


Cut the photo, using the outline as a guide.


Dab glue around edge of the lid and place photo.

You’ll want to press the photo down and make sure it is secure.


Glue a magnet to the back of your frame.

You'll want to make sure the magnet is strong enough to hold the lid up. I purchased ceramic magnet (1/2" X 1/8"), and it held my photos up just fine.

Hang on your fridge and enjoy!

How cute do these photo magnets look? I love displaying my family photos, and this way, I'll be able to see them every time I'm cooking in the kitchen or reaching in the fridge.

I recently was doing some cleaning in my home and realized I have so many extra lids left from canning. Rather than tossing them in the trash, I decided to get crafty with this project.

It was great to transform these leftover mason jar lids into picture frames that I can display.

The trick to making this DIY picture frame really work is choosing the right photo.

After I made a few for myself, I knew these would make a perfect gift for family members, too. I believe any mom or grandma would love this gift!

We all have family photos that we love and having them displayed throughout the house really makes my home feel cozier. These cute DIY photo frames are such a perfect gift if you’re trying to find something for the person who has everything yet loves that little homemade touch.

This fun 10-minute craft is such an easy and creative way to taking advantage of these beautiful, beloved photos.

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