Printing PayPal Thermal Shipping Labels - Zebra LP2844

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Printing PayPal Shipping Labels with a Zebra LP2844 Thermal Printer

This guide will show you how to successfully print your PayPal USPS paid shipping labels using a Zebra LP2844 thermal printer. The information that follows assumes you have an active PayPal account and are currently using PayPal to pay for and print your shipping labels. This guide is intended as a guide only for the Zebra LP2844 (or -Z model), which can found on eBay for a great price. This information is mainly helpful to eBay Powerseller's who may currently print their labels on standard 8 x 10 paper or peelable labels. The steps in this guide were performed under Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2. Previous versions may work, however were not tested.

Now on to the fun stuff, and a lot of money saved in ink/toner cost.


1) Install your Zebra LP2844 thermal printer, please use either the UPS supplied driver, or a current one from Zebras website.

2) Make sure you have the latest version of Sun Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment installed. If you are not sure what this is, please do a google search. Having the latest version is critical as others have experienced labels not appearing or system crashing, since the thermal label setting in PayPal requires Java(TM) to properly configure the print for thermal labels.

Settings you will need to adjust:

1) Login to your PayPal account and click on the "Profile" tab/link to the far right near the top (second menu).

2) Under the "Selling Preferences" area to the far right, please click on "Shipping Preferences".

3) Click on "Edit Printer Settings" under the "U.S. Postal Service Preference" header.

4) Choose "Label Printer" by clicking the radio button next to it.

5) Click on the "Select Printer and Paper Size" drop down menu and choose "Zebra LP2844-Z - 4.0"x 6.0"". Even though you have the LP2844 without the -Z, this setting will work perfect. The 4.0"x6.0" is the size of the labels you should be using. You can find blank ones on eBay by searching for thermal labels. Make sure to look for "unmarked" ones, that do not contain a company's logo, such as UPS, which would not be allowed by USPS.

6) You can now click the "Save" button to save your printer settings through PayPal.

7) Now make sure your Operating System "Default Printer" is the installed Zebra LP-2844. You can do this by accessing Control Panel ---> Printers and other Hardware ---> View Installed Printers or Fax Printers. Then right click your Zebra LP-2844 printer icon and choose "Set as Default Printer".

8) Go to PayPal and print your shipping labels like usual (or if you use eBay and choose the "Print Shipping Label" button to ship after auctions that is fine too). You will experience a slightly longer wait as the Java(TM) applet to print your labels load. You will want to say "Yes" or "Always" to the prompts that follow, as the label will not print if you decline or say "No" to any of them.

9) You will now have your paid PayPal labels printing out of your thermal printer, with no more ink or toner to waste. Congratulations!

Next, you can look forward to a guide on how to get the most out of your shipping room.

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