PEDAL EXERCISER : A Mini Cycle Exercise Stationary Bike

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I recently had a knee surgery that put my out of commission for 12 weeks. Because of this surgery, I was required to do (still do) some pretty intense Physical Therapy which I went to 3 days a week for about two hours per visit. Part of my physical therapy was gaining mobility back in my knee. After any type of surgery you are bound to be in pain. Well, as I found out, knee surgery is no picnic and wanting to move it is the last thing you want to do. But do it you MUST!

I decided to purchase this Pedal Exerciser so I could do some more "physical therapy-type" exercising from the comfort of my own home. I am really glad I made this purchase because it's easy to use and it is very effective. I use it several times a day now, and you can even adjust the resistence level to make it more challenging. I like it even more so because I can sit off the side of my bed or in any chair and watch television while I am doing my exercises with this Pedal Exerciser. It makes for a much more enjoyable exercise routine and makes the time go by faster.

So whether you had, or have to have, a knee surgery or if you have any type of knee problems, I highly recommend getting this item to help you out-- it is worth the investment. I purchased mine here on eBay for less then $30.00 and was very happy to see that it arrived fully assembled. Just make sure that you get your doctors advice first before using this item--- some procedures require a certain amount of healing time before you can do this form of exercising, so consult with your doctor first. Your doctor or physical theapist can advise you on when you can use this after a procedure.

This items does not just benefit knee patients..... it offers many other health benefits as well, and it's portable so you can take it anywhere you want!
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