Oneida Stainless-Similar Patterns but Different

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How to differentiate between similar Oneida Patterns: Colonial Boston-Minute Man-Yorktown-Colonial Square-Independence-Yankee Clipper

There has always been a lot of confusion between similar Oneida Stainless patterns that have a similar, colonial influence look, but are distinctly different. This guide will explain the subtle differences. These patterns are as follows:

Colonial Boston aka Minute Man

Yorktown aka Colonial Square


Yankee Clipper

All have a rounded, paddle-type handle with  a satin finish. Look quickly and they look the same, but that's not the case.  So, how can you tell which is which? Of course, we all want to be able to purchase the correct Missing Pieces to fill in the set we may have received as a bridal shower, or wedding gift, years ago. Let the eBay store Missing Pieces Mission be of help.

First, check the backstamp, which is the writing on the back of the handle on the forks and spoons.

The backstamp of "Oneida SSS", or "SSS" narrows your search.  These are either Colonial Boston aka Minute Man...or.....Yorktowne aka Colonial Square.  Here is where the TIP of the handle comes into the equasion.  Both the Colonial Boston/Minute Man and Yorktown/Colonial Square curve UPWARD at the tip.  However, Yorktown/Colonial Square has a SLIGHT EDGE around the tip while the Colonial Boston/Minute Man does not.

Independence has the backstamp of "Oneida Deluxe" with the tip curving DOWNWARD, and has a slight edge around the tip of the handle.

Yankee Clipper has the backstamp, "Stainless USA by Oneida", "Oneida Ltd, Scientific", or "Deluxe" and curves DOWNWARD with NO edge.

You might want to print this article, so that you can have it on hand when you decide to make future purchases.  Yes, it can be confusing and I too, often have to double check before listing on eBay.

Hope this helps.

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P.S. to Gayle's comment below....You are absolutely correct in that Oneida does indeed make a pistol grip knife in Minute Man/ Colonial Boston pattern. My mistake and a revision was made. Thank you!

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