Nissan X-Trail Accessories

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Nissan X-Trail Accessories

Due to the unique body style, a normal unibody base that incorporates a SUVs tall interior and a high center of gravity, the Nissan X-Trail has become a very popular family automobile. Because of the popularity of the vehicle, a large number of Nissan X-Trail accessories exist to help the vehicle owner personalize and make their X-Trail one of a kind. With bothinterior and exterior accessories to choose from, the possibilities for customization are practically endless. While some accessories may require slight modifications to the Nissan X-Trail, many are simple to install and require nothing more than a couple common tools.

Exterior Accessories

Exterior vehicle accessories are generally available for many different purposes. Some of these include chrome trim pieces that enhance the look of the vehicle. Also available are various racks and mounts for carrying items on the top and rear of the X-Trail.

Bike Rack

One of the commonly seen accessories, especially among those who love to ride bicycles and spend time outdoors, is an automotive bike rack. The bike rack consists of a series of metal braces that attach to the automobile, generally on the roof or the rear bumper, and allows the owner to transport a bicycle securely. Families or people with more than one bicycle also have the option of using a multi-bike rack.

Receiver Hitch for the Nissan X-Trail

A receiver hitch , often referred to as a trailer hitch, attaches to the rear of the vehicle in order to tow a trailer. Because of the strain placed on the vehicle's chassis while towing it is important that the load remains below the required weight limit. Consult the following chart for the specific specifications of the X-Trail receiver hitch.

Installation Type

Bolt-on or welded, depending on the specific hitch




1.25 inch diameter

Maximum Trailer Weight

2,000 pounds

Maximum Tongue Weight

200 pounds

If owners do not properly mount a Nissan X-Trail hitch the vehicle and trailer may suffer damage, especially if the towing load is over the maximum weight limit. Ensuring that all bolts and welds are stable and free from damage before towing is also important. It is also important that the trailer's connection to the hitch is secure.

Spare Wheel Mount

Spare wheel mounts are special mounting assemblies, generally either on the rear of the vehicle or underneath the chassis, that allows for carrying a spare tire and rim without taking up extra space in the cargo compartment. There are various types of spare wheel mounts, from the simple manual mount that requires the owner to unbolt a retaining piece to drop the tire, to a more automatic type of mount that allows for lowering the tire by simply turning a crank.

Roof Mount

Roof mount systems, sometimes referred to as roof racks or roof rails, mount on the roof of a vehicle. These racks provide a means to attach cargo containers as well as a way to secure other items that the driver may need to carry, on top of the vehicle, in an effort to save space in the vehicle's interior. Universal roof mount kits often require no modification to the vehicle itself. Instead, the track braces connect over the vehicle's door frames. While most types of vehicle can benefit from a universal roof rack, they only work on bare roofs with no existing racks.

Interior Accessories

Although not always the case, most interior vehicle accessories enhance the look and comfort of a vehicle, rather than perform a specific function. Interior accessories can range from simplependants hung on the rearview mirror, to cargo nets and trays that prevent items in the vehicle's cargo compartment from rolling around, to completely new steering wheels.

Scuff Plates and Interior Trim

Scuff plates , plastic or chrome trim pieces that fit into the vehicle's door threshold, cover the visible parts of the car's body and protect the driver or passenger from scraping against them. Interior trim, on the other hand, are simply cosmetic pieces that are generally easily replaceable. Both types of trim are available in a variety of styles, from simple chrome plated plastic trim, to stainless steel scuff plates with embedded LED lighting.

How to Buy Nissan X-Trail Accessories

When you look for accessories for a Nissan X-Trail be sure and check out some of the offerings on eBay.. The site generally has a large number of accessories available, and purchasing is easy. In order to find the correct automotive accessory, simply head to eBay and use the search function to find Nissan X-trail Accessories. From there simply follow the relevant categories to find the needed parts. You may even be able to find free shipping from some of the sellers, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. You may even be able to find free shipping from some of the sellers, so make sure to keep an eye out for that while shopping. Whether you are looking to add a simple touch of color or perform a more complex vehicular makeover, there are plenty of options available regardless of your personal style choices and budget.

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