Mary Quant minidress vintage gogo boots 60s style

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Mary Quant, designer of Gogo boots, popularized the minidress.

The British designer specialized in the prepubescent "little girls" look.  She epitomized the look.  Her short, cropped  hair along with her own body type simply looked the part of the mod 60s young woman.

Her Chelsea store was the HIP place to be.

At her design studio, the likes of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles could be found "hanging out".  Could you imagine the raucous that would have resulted should these famous guys had shown up at her store?!

Her "Mary Quant" labeled dresses and items are the most desired.  Her "Ginger" label was massed produced, as massed produced as could be back then, and sold by JCPenney.  Quant also designed sewing patterns-make your own minidress!

Watch for the "Mary Quant" label. 

Mary Quant also developed her own line of cosmetics.


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