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Knetgolf Mint golf balls are the best available and are the top choice for many golfers regardless of skill level. The Mint balls have both the appearance and feel of a ball that has been hit for a maximum of only one hole of play. Many of our customers refer to our Mint golf balls in our Feedback section as One Hit Wonders. These are the top 5% of all balls we recycle.

Knetgolf AAA recycled golf balls are cosmetically challenged but are suitable for casual play and the recreational golfer. These balls are great for practice or the ever-difficult long shot over the water hazards. X-Out's may be included and balls will show wear and use. There will not be any cuts and minor scuffing is kept to a minimum. A cut ball is considered unplayable. If Knetgolf deems that the scuff or scratch is too large or if it tears into the cover of the ball, it will not qualify for any of our grades. Cart paths, trees, and other abrasive surfaces may be evident. All of Knetgolf golf balls are playable.

As the largest seller of premium experienced golf balls online, Knetgolf is dedicated to providing the golfing public with the best quality golf balls available at the lowest possible cost. We strongly believe that it is not necessary to spend your way to a good golf game. Thus we provide highest quality standards in the industry and products that we stand 100% behind.

Knetgolf on eBay has grown quickly worldwide. We currently sell over 10,000,000 golf balls every year. More than 250,000 golfers have continuously enjoyed continuous savings since our inception. Situated in both the United States and Canada,  is well positioned to serve both the product and customer service needs of our customers across the world. Our goal is 100% customer service satisfaction or we will do what it takes to keep you satisfied. Between our eBay and website presence, our in house knowledgeable customer service agents, and quick shipping times through our  partnership with UPS, we have the right mix to service golfers all over the world.

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