Keep bugs out and prevent energy loss with Air Curtains

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Air Curtains

Air Curtains regulate temperatures in kitchens, as well as above dock doors, walk-in coolers, drive-up windows or any opening susceptible to energy loss or temperature variation.

  • Air Curtains separate two enviroments and/or prevent flying insects from entering a foodservice facilty. Operators use these for drive-tru windows and loading docks. These Air curtains requiere a high velocity of air.
  • Air Curtains prevent the loss of heated and cooled air to maintain interior temperatures. Commercial establishments where doors  need to be left open tend to be the primary users of these products.
  • Air Curtains can also work in cunjuction with plastic strip doors or swinging plastic doors at the entrances of both walk-in and reach -in coolers and freezers. These curtains help keep food in the coolers at safe temperatures while doors are continually opened.
  • Air Curtains create an invisible air seal generated by centrifugal fans that compress air inside the unit and release it through a nozzle. The pressure of air released from an air door is powerful enough to stop winds up to 25 mph.
  • In locations where smoking in restaurants is permited, some operators use Air Curtains to separate smoking and non-smoking areas.
  • When installing Air Curtains operators should take into consideration its location in relation to staff and, especially, the front of the house. This is because different units have different noise outputs, which can affect an operation's atmosphere and customers dining experiences.
  • Air Curtains repel house flies and other pests, mitigating the potential exposure to deseases. Several states require by law that restaurants and food production facilities install air curtains.


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