Jegs Wheelrite Wheel & Tire Simulator

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Quite possibly the greatest waste of money you will ever blow on a tool!

Why? Well first of all this tool is made so incredibly cheap they could sell it for $5 instead of $100 & still make a huge profit. Second, it doesnt work & it doesnt matter how you slice it, it simply doesnt work on so many different levels.

Like the picture on the box, Ive got a C3 Corvette & wanted to put modern Torque Thrust wheels & tires on it. My car has a custom body & I cant just look at what size another Corvette has to get what I need. Doing my homework, I found that a wheel simulators starting price ranges from around $1500 to way way up. Thats fine if you're a garage but I'm just going to use it once so thats not practicle. So when I saw the Wheelrite tool I was very excited, untill I actually tryed it.

First thing youll notice is that when you install the tool on your car the tightness of your lug nuts will throw it off by as much as an inch. I'm not talking about useing a tourque wrench on it, I'm talkig about finger tight just like the drrections say. This thing is made from such cheap rubbery plastic it negates the purpose of its own existance. Think of trying to get an accurate measurement with a tape measure made out of a slinky & youll get the idea. So, right from the stat, it doesnt work & its useless but I paid a lot for it so I kept tring.

 The second thing youll notice is the cheezy wire to simutate the tire is also completly useless because as Ive discovered, every tire manufacturer has different actual dementions for the same size tire. Also, every wheel  has different actual dementions for the same size wheel. Put these two veryables together & you're actual dementions are uniquely spicific to your choice of wheel & tire combination. So, unless you have that tire mounted on that wheel & shape the wire on the tool accordinly, you cant get anything accurate to simulate. Making the tool useless, again. Now wait a second. If I need the actual wheel & tire to make the tool work, why would I need this tool at all? Why not just put the wheel & tire on the car & try it out. Thats exactly what you should do & you dont need this tool at all.

Buying online, sight unseen, will save you money but in this instance it can be a costly pain. The second you mount a tire to a wheel, it's yours, you own it & cant return it. The second you mount a wheel to your car, its yours, you own it & cant return it. Even if we can return it shipping isnt cheap. This is the cunundrum we face & what this tool capitalizes on. We dont want to have to needlessly spend extra money getting the right wheel & tire combo & this tool offers a cost effictive solution BUT it doesnt deliver, nope, not even close. It just reinforces the individual subjectivity of the whole process.

What should you do? Find a reasionable local wheel & tire seller that understands the concept of tring on shoes before you buy them so they dont rub a blister on your heal by just letting you try on a couple different wheel & tire sizes. Jack it up in the parking lot & see if it rubs. Do a figure 8 & see if it rubs when steering because the rubber moves on the wheel & is not a hard shape. Unfortunately, this is the only way it can actually be done. So, save youre money because if you buy this tool you will kick yourself for doing so.

Dont believe me? Just check out the official How To videos on V8 TV online with what Ive said here in mind. Notice that guy is NOT getting results from this tool, hes got a wheel & tire combo hes already tried on, right there in his hands. What you didnt see, is him trying on different combos to get it right before the camera was ever turned on.  Wheelrite 01201 DOESN'T WORK!

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