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  • Women's and Junior's Sizing by Number, Letter, Waist and Measurement.
  • How to Measure a Pair of Jeans or Pants

Even numbered sizes are women's and odd numbered sizes are juniors.

NOTE:  All sizing information varies by rise, fit and designer

Number Size      Letter Size      Sizing by Waist   Aprx. Waist Measurements

00, 0                          XS                  24                   ~ 26"(mid rise 0) to (low rise 0) 28"

1/2                             XS                 25                       ~ 29"
3/4                                S                 26                       ~ 29-30" (mid-rise 27" to 31")
5,  6                              S                 27                      ~ 30" - 31"

7                                 M                 28                     low-rise 32" - 33", mid-rise 30"

8,9                              M                 29                    32" to  34"

10.11                            L                30                   low-rise ~36"

12                                  L               31

13                                L-XL          32                  mid-rise ~35" - 36"

14                                L-XL              

16                               XL-XXL                                mid-rise  ~36"

Jeans sold by Waist size usually stop at 32 which is approximately a Juniors size 13.

Please be aware of manufacturers' differences in sizing and the waist measurement variance based on where the pants sit (rise).

Brands that Tend to Run Small: Guess, Lucky

Brands that Tend to Run Large: Old Navy

If you know of a brand that tends to run small or large, please send us an email using eBay's Messaging Service by clicking a link on one of our listings. If we receive the information from more than one eBayer, we will add it to our guide.

Measuring Guidelines

Jean sizing varies by designer.  It is recommended you also review measurements.

Waist and hip measurements can vary, in the same size jeans, based on where the pants sit. (high-waisted to super-low rise). To compare a pair of pants on eBay to a pair you own, match the rise first. When you find a pair you own with the matching rise measurement, then compare the hip and waist measurements to see if the fit is the same.  Lastly, check the inseam length to verify a correct fit.

Many designers and boutique lines are labeling the fit of their pants by a style name. Become familiar with the fit you like and the corresponding names for the designers you prefer. The usual differences are where the jeans fit in relation to the waist and hips (low rise, mid-rise), the hip and leg fit (straight, skinny, loose, relaxed) and the leg opening (Boot Cut, flare, tapered).


How to Measure

Rise:  Start at the center seam where the legs meet. Measure the distance to the top of the waistband. Note the length to the bottom of the waistband and including the waistband.

Hips:  Fold the pants over at the end of the zipper. Measure the back width at the fold.  Double the measurement.

Inseam: Measure from where the legs meet to the end of the inside-pant leg.

Leg Opening:  Is the bottom of the leg, measured across

Thigh:  Measure and double the widest point of the thigh area of the leg.

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